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Motivational Speaker Dave Crane - The Dying Art Of Conversation

Motivational Speaker Dave Crane - The Dying Art Of Conversation

People don’t talk any more.

Sorry, let me rephrase that… many people don’t KNOW HOW to talk anymore.

This is a HUGE problem.

It’s also going to get much MUCH bigger…

We don’t make polite conversation, we GADGET in public.

Have you ever watched a group of teenagers or pre-teens sitting around planning mischief, swapping Justin Bieber stories or sharing clothing tips?


That’s because they don’t do it anymore.

They sit in a group huddle within talking distance and disappear into their mobile device only re-appearing when food is required, wifi passwords are renewed or batteries need charging.

So, why do we need to talk?


Let me explain (as in ‘talking’)…

Well as a speaker trainer, a massive part of my work is getting my clients to overcome their fear of public speaking by ignoring an audience’s size and ‘just talking to them’ like you were holding a ‘normal conversation’.

When did YOU start learning to hold a normal conversation?

99.99999% of us did so in the school playground.

A huge part of who you are was learned by the ‘daily profit and loss’ games of relationships and human capital in the playground.

If our personalities are 50% nature and 50% nurture it means that despite or genetics, a massive part of what we will grow up to be in terms of our career, our personality, our relationships and our happiness were learned by trial and error at school and during breaks.

Of course, it mattered how we interacted during assignments, classwork and tests but most of those dynamics and the impact they had on our classroom pecking order were easily readjusted at lunchtime, when the gloves came off and interpersonal dynamics became the true currency.

In layman’s terms — bitching, chilling, playing and fighting.

Do you remember the coolest and most popular kid in your class?

How often did they get top marks on all tests?

Very rarely?

BUT nobody cared because they had clout.

Their personality combined with their physical looks, sporting prowess and sense of humour easily trumped the class nerd in terms of power.

Remember this very interesting definition of power…

The most powerful person in any gr