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Motivational Speaker Dave Crane - The Dying Art Of Conversation

Motivational Speaker Dave Crane - The Dying Art Of Conversation

People don’t talk any more.

Sorry, let me rephrase that… many people don’t KNOW HOW to talk anymore.

This is a HUGE problem.

It’s also going to get much MUCH bigger…

We don’t make polite conversation, we GADGET in public.

Have you ever watched a group of teenagers or pre-teens sitting around planning mischief, swapping Justin Bieber stories or sharing clothing tips?


That’s because they don’t do it anymore.

They sit in a group huddle within talking distance and disappear into their mobile device only re-appearing when food is required, wifi passwords are renewed or batteries need charging.

So, why do we need to talk?


Let me explain (as in ‘talking’)…

Well as a speaker trainer, a massive part of my work is getting my clients to overcome their fear of public speaking by ignoring an audience’s size and ‘just talking to them’ like you were holding a ‘normal conversation’.

When did YOU start learning to hold a normal conversation?

99.99999% of us did so in the school playground.

A huge part of who you are was learned by the ‘daily profit and loss’ games of relationships and human capital in the playground.

If our personalities are 50% nature and 50% nurture it means that despite or genetics, a massive part of what we