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Motivational Speaker Dave Crane - The Legend Of The Grey Warrior

Motivational Speaker Dave Crane - The Legend Of The Grey WarriorThe dragon raised it’s head for a third time.

All around was chaos.

Burned buildings, smoking corpses and the charred remains of brave young soldiers who had valiantly thrown themselves forward into battle and been utterly decimated.

Wave after wave had fallen to their doom and nobody was left to defend the village.

The families and the animals would all be devoured now nothing was left standing that could hold a sword or tip a lance.

And then there came a thunderous bellow from the East.

A single horn of defiance that sent fire into the bellies of the remaining fallen troops and fear into the heart of the dragon.

Then he appeared on top of the hill, bow in hand.

A lone warrior dressed in grey.

The dragon prepared for another blast of flame and tossed its head back defiantly showing the golden beating heart that was the source of it’s power and energy.

That’s when the arrow struck.

It sank deep into the golden heart spilling out lava and gas and slaying the dragon almost instantaneously.

The vicious behemoth groaned a final roar and fell forward completely still.

No beating heart, no smoky breath nor talons that could slice through armour and shield.

The townsfolk stood stunned, transfixed by what had just happened.

Then they cheered and ran to greet their hero.

He was a former chief, a wise man and a mentor but they’d cast him out believing that his ways were outdated and the next generation was all that mattered.

But they were wrong.

He knew from experience when was the right time and where to shoot an arrow to kill the beast but nobody had asked him for help.

Until now.

The grey warrior smiled.

He always knew.

The word spread across the land and other grey warriors were recruited as custodians of their towns and hamlets.

It was the only way to keep the people safe.

1) They could start immediately without a need for instructions, they knew the