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Motivational Speaking - The Missing Middle Finger WILL KILL US ALL.

Motivational Speaking - The Missing Middle Finger WILL KILL US ALL.Cool title?

Well, it’s not as cool as Ex Machina AND it’s just about to become ‘a thing’…

And here’s why…

Have you heard of the ‘uncanny valley’?

It’s okay if you haven’t but it will soon become a household phrase like wifi, tweeting and likes.

Uncanny valley is the definition that when we get closer to having human-like robots there is a ‘not-quite-right- eeriness about them which creates revulsion in some people.

Like Caitlin Jenner but in the world of robotics.

Apologies for the above cheap gag.

So I believe that there is a business problem about to become more prevalent in the coming years that may well, if unchecked kill us all.

I’m not joking now.

Let me explain…

Point One

In the business world, you have experienced older mentor/coach managers whose role is encouraging the next generation to learn and grow into their jobs.

They become like surrogate parents constantly reminding, encouraging and occasionally pointing the finger of accusation when necessary to make the whole company work efficiently and profitably.

Are you with me so far?


Point Two

We are now moving into a world of greater automation (cars, drones, online retail, banking etc) and the first real replacement of humans with artificial intelligence (A.I.).

There will just be less actual human involvement in our day to day existence to save costs and become more efficient.

But they can get things wrong if unchecked too.


Okay, let’s get to the third point then…

Point Three

Millennials are now replacing Generation X in the workplace.


Therefore 20+somethings with far less experience are being employed and 50+somethings are being sacked. It’s harsh, unfair and completely driven by economics. Millennials are different…

  • They have very little financial baggage.
  • They don’t want cars (Uber is better).
  • They don’t want mortgages (cohabit, rent and move on).
  • They don’t want kids (they smell — it IS true).


5. they don’t want a job for life (their values challenge the company to keep them engaged NOT the other way round).

Stay with this…

Each business which decides to lay off older and wiser staff knows that the new generation are:

  • Less experienced.
  • More self-assured (EG cocky).
  • Won’t be great at first until th