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Public Speaker Dave Crane - How Public Speaking Could Save Your Job.

Public Speaker Dave Crane - How Public Speaking Could Save Your Job.Another friend just lost his job.

Typical story of the current times.

Gary’s been in marketing for 25 years, the last job was with a top car firm.

They are currently downsizing to compensate for a quiet year.

Gary is 52.

  • He has a family and teenage daughters — school fees were partly paid by company.
  • He’s got a mortgage back in Australia — maybe he can rent it out?
  • He’s got a wife — she works as a teaching assistant.
  • He has no personal brand — he didn’t need to when he had a job.
  • He isn’t a great salesman — he never had to do much, just run the advertising budgets.
  • He isn’t very well connected — 560 people on Linkedin.
  • He can’t decide what to do.

Well this could have all been made easier if Gary had learned to speak.

  • He would be better connected as people would know him better outside of his company and across the industry.
  • He would have had a better personal brand independent of his parent company.
  • He would have been considered an expert which means that he had something to leverage immediately as a consultant.
  • He would be able to command a much bigger list of connections on social media.
  • He would know how to generate content (videos, audios, podcasts, blogs etc) and gather fans and followers.
  • He would have been able to offer his expertise as a keynote speaker and trainer to his former competitors.
  • Plus, he would have been more visible and considered a ‘higher flyer’ by other managers and the board of directors who would have used his vocal skills at conferences and presentations.
  • He would have been considered an essential part of the sales team.
  • Not that this would have safeguarded his job, but it would have made a bigger hole to fill when he left. Therefore, harder to sack.
  • He wouldn’t feel so lost and scared right now.

Public speaking is like swimming.

You’ll never know why you need it until you are starting to drown.

Then you’ll wish, you’d taken lessons.

That’s why you need to call me now.

I can introduce you to a new source of income that

  • Can boost your salary.
  • Make you unsackable or easier to employ.
  • Give you more confidence.
  • Help you build your brand.
  • Prevent the need to ever fully retire (unless you really want to).

Let’s talk today…