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Public Speaking - What If You Were King For A Day?

Public Speaking - What If You Were King For A Day?Seriously. I know it sounds daft, but stay with me on this…

I know you’ve thought about this in some way, shape or form. Prompted by the election of President Trump, the latest season of the Kardashians or another world influencing song by Justin Bieber, we all at some point think what we would do in their position.

That’s what I am asking…

A) So if you were given the gift to be able to RULE ABSOLUTELY for 24 hours what would you do with it?

1. Change laws?

2. Fill your bank account with a billion dollars?

3. Hire a harem and ‘disappear’?

4. Make better opportunities for ‘the little guy’?

5. Set up a system to keep you in power?

6. Right wrongs?

7. Buy an island?

8. Throw the biggest party EVER?

9. Bring in the world’s best health experts to ensure you are fighting fit and healthy?

10. Put your kids in the best schools?

11. Book a flight to space?

12. Have the most amazing holiday ever?

More ‘out there’ stuff?

Well the list is endless and the possibilities are mind-boggling because that must be what absolute power can buy. Right?


B) Okay, now let’s make you slightly less powerful and JUST as rich.

Return to the list.

What could you do now?

Is it all still possible?

Yes, of course it is, depending on who you know and how much you have to buy and work on to gain better influence with key decision makers.

Still with me?


Now let’s dial the riches back a bit.

C) Just independently wealthy with no influence?

Can you still get those things to happen?


Yes, well maybe a few easier than others but with time, it’s all still doable depending on how much you want it.

D) What about NOT RICH but with a well paying job that introduces you to key decision makers?

Well you’d have to learn a lot more about selling and persuasion but any one of those things could be done if you had a single-minded enough attitude and set out with a clear objective.

Getting the picture yet?

No? Well, okay try this on for size…

E) What about an okay job and no powerful connections?

Sounds familiar?

Well we all have to start somewhere.

You’d have to connect with influential people and get their trust and interest, you’d have to be ruthless with yourself and others and very careful about how you spend your time and money as they would clearly be your most valuable assets.

And there’s my point…