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Sales Training with Dave Crane - Revealed: The Ultimate Sales Secret…

Sales Training with Dave Crane - Revealed: The Ultimate Sales Secret…

Are you ready for me to share the number one fundamental sales secret with you?

Brace yourself, here we go…

Nobody cares about you.

They also don’t care about…

  • The day you’ve just had.
  • The arguments with your wife/ boss/ bank / cat.
  • The way you’ve managed to create a Lego Lord of The Rings enactment at home.
  • The meal you’ve just had.
  • The car you drive.
  • The love of your life.
  • The style of shoe/ suit/ hat/ coat/ watch that make you feel ‘worthy’.
  • None of the above.

People only want to know…

What’s in it for me?

This is a very useful piece of information, because now you can go back and completely reinvent the following:

  • Your sales funnel
  • Your marketing materials
  • Your pitch
  • Your tribe building
  • Your customer service
  • Your employee retention
  • Your company policy
  • Your personal values
  • Your relationships at home, work and play.

It’s very enlightening and also very quickly explains why you have lost so many customers recently.

You didn’t make them feel special.

They ALL left you for someone else who did.

Think about that with any of your future outward facing business transactions and interactions and see your relationships blossom and your profits soar.



You complete me.

Now let’s do some business…

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