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Sales Training with Dave Crane - Why Your Sales Team Fails?

Sales Training with Dave Crane - Why Your Sales Team Fails?I train sales people.

Speakers are all sales people.

Anyone who even looks at a customer is a sales person.

YOU are a sales person too.

I had an amazing session with a client who explained the sales funnel process that her consultancy company went through to get clients.

Their clients are usually legal firms.

  • They connect with the firm and invite them out for drinks.
  • They network and get to know them socially then follow up with a sales meeting where they show ask for business.
  • Once given a current client/case to work on they go away and create a presentation.
  • Then they present it to the law firm.
  • Then (hopefully) the law firm introduces them to the real client.
  • Then they get a chance to pitch the real client to work as a consultant on their case.
  • Then hopefully they will get the business.
  • Then hopefully the client will pay as agreed.


We all have a finite amount of life on planet Earth.

Don’t waste anyone’s time especially your own.

Here’s what you do…

  • ONLY talk to the key decision maker NO ONE ELSE.
  • Ignore any other business card where they may have to take your proposal to someone else — you have just wasted your time if you don’t.
  • Tell them what you do and offer to fix their headaches 100%.
  • Let them talk.
  • Ask a ton of questions proving you know what they need by sharing examples of past successes.
  • Close their commitment to move forward together.
  • Arrange payment terms.
  • Leave.

That’s it.

You are a consultant and a business professional.


Remember this…

  • The top person in any firm will make a call to their personal assistant and get in the key person from the department where you want to do business.
  • Then the boss will tell their employee (HR Director, Marketing Manager, Head of Procurement etc) exactly what they want them to do for you.
  • They will then do everything they are told and help you make a lasting long term partnership.

Unless of course, you mess up the delivery, customer service and after sales.

Yes, you’re welcome.


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