Cooped Up, Corona, and Crazy.

Cooped Up, Corona, and Crazy.

Your problem isn’t a virus.

Your problem has never been a virus.

Not when you had the flu, the measles, or the mumps.

Your problem is being cooped up.

You got through the measles and every flu you’ve ever had.

And you talk to friends and family on the phone or Facetime and they’re all going a tad crazy too, right?

But not from corona v.


They’re going crazy being cooped up with each other.

See natively, we all like our own space. 

Even when there was no corona v. 

And I think we're all tripping some old mental bear traps in our minds from some DNA strand linked to Davy Crockett. 

I’m sure of it. 

We gotta have our own space.

We gotta get out and breathe.

I mean, did you ever read the stories about Davy and Mrs. Davy Crockett?


See, that’s why Davy was out there scouting Apache’s and shit.

When the virus hit in 1812 he was cooped up with the Mrs too long.

And what do you think it was like for a frontiersman like Davy to be cooped up all day with the Mrs, hmmmm?

I assure you that after he had to watch the Mrs sew up his beaver skin hat and they exhausted all the drinking games they could think of before passing out, it wasn’t any virus that drove Davy crazy.

It was being cooped up.

I mean, Davy would rather go scout Apache’s and get killed than stay inside.

Because although Davy loved his wife he darned near came to blows with her because of quarantining. 

Man’s gotta get out there and kill a mountain lion or something, you know? 

You can’t just talk about the neighbors, chit chat all day, and stand in some goddamn line in the forest to gather and ration out leaves to wipe your butt, you know?  

And yes, those governors back then were all about shutting down scouts and hunters like Davy and to tell you the truth, he just thought they were full of crap. 

The Mrs tried to talk sense into Davy about social distancing and shit, but he wasn’t having it. 

He knew there was no threat from the virus.

Hell, he’d faced more threat to his life and nearly lost his family jewels fightin’ a bear with his bare hands.

Davy knew better. 

His wife told him about the mandate from the governor and he just nodded, picked up his rifle, and walked out the door.

And really, you know this is brewin' inside you too.

You love your wife.

You love your husband.

Dang, if you don’t love your kids.

But you love your freedom like nobody’s business and you know there ain't any corona v that’s driving you crazy.

It’s being cooped up.

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