Hacking The Truth: A Guide for Anyone Who Leads

Hacking The Truth: A Guide for Anyone Who Leads

As an executive, sometimes you are faced with people on your team who you swear have some disagreement, or some agenda that is counter-intuitive to what you are doing.

You work hard. You put in long hours. You pull aside your best guys and talk through the sticking points.

However, something inside of you tells you that all is not right in River City.

You have enough experience, savvy, and time in the trenches, that your sixth sense tells you that although everyone seems to be "pedal to the metal," someone has their foot on the brake.

Transparency to you in times like this is just a buzzword.

What do you do?

You have to get past the human firewalls and get to the truth.

Yet there are always a few in any company who have a covert vested interest in keeping their agendas hidden from you.

Crazy, right?

Not really. It’s why I wrote my latest book: Hacking The Truth.

After forty years of working in the corporate world, start-ups, and small businesses, I have found that some who are on board, are not completely on board. And they have built their own personal firewalls to keep you out.

Hacking The Truth is your guide to get past that firewall.

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Hacking the Truth

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