John White Book Review: You Can't Grow Until You Know the Truth

John White Book Review: You Can't Grow Until You Know the Truth

(Thank you to my good friend and colleague, John White and Celia Patrick for their five star reviews of my book!)

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ You Can't Grow Until You Know the Truth

John White

Inc. Magazine

March 6, 2018

So many business owners think they know what is happening in their business. 

That is until they uncover the truth. It is only then that they discover what is limiting their growth.

Dave Worthen takes business owners down a path toward discovery in their businesses. 

He enables them to uncover what's really happening behind the scenes and make the necessary changes to maximize the growth potential of their company.

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ When Hacking is the right thing to do…

Celia Patrick

March 4, 2018

Dave is an extremely talented writer. He discusses a tough subject in a way which makes it easy to digest, and he uses considerable humor as well. HACKING THE TRUTH will assist you to recognize when a colleague, friend, or loved one is not being honest, and will enable you to get through the falseness and lies, and bring the truth to light. When the disagreements and resistance and counter-intention are no longer there, you and your team can push forward your project or business venture to success. I highly recommend reading this book.

To get your copy, click on the link below:

Hacking The Truth

Sounds a very interesting read @Dave Worthen. Congrats on your new book

+1 +1

hacking the truth for executives and everyone who is serious about growth


Well there is a truth in this article: 'you need to know the truth in order to do things differently as part of your growth'. I was blessed to be in a consultation with @Dave Worthen Now I know the truth about my strengths and weaknesses, so I am well prepared to steer my ship towards growth. This books is on my list of next best book buys.