Telling the Truth in Your Business: Why It’s Difficult to Tell and How to Handle It.

Telling the Truth in Your Business: Why It’s Difficult to Tell and How to Handle It.

Did you know that truth actually has a location?

It has an exact time, place, and form where the event occurred.  

If you look at your marriage vows for example, the moment you said them, you will recall an exact time, place, form, and event.

Seems simple, right?

Well, if truth has a location, why is it so hard for people to locate the truth, and tell it?

Because sometimes in telling the truth, not everything about the time, place, form, and event was said.

Something was left out. A teeny-tiny little piece of what actually happened was left unsaid.

And that’s exactly where it’s located.

And truth has this peculiarity about it.

For the truth to be told, and for the individual to be free, he or she needs to tell all of it. 

It's why some people go to Confession.

They gotta tell that part.

See, the thing that bothers people isn’t telling the truth.

It’s holding onto that little piece that wasn’t said.

And it’s that part that makes it difficult to say it.

Because behind that part unsaid is a genuine concern or fear that if one says it, it will cause an upset, harm or damage once said.

Crazy, right?

But it’s the truth!

Think of something you may not have told to a colleague at work.

You know, something that is not a complaint or criticism.

Something honest. About your relationship. About how it could be better.

Maybe something you haven’t told the CEO.

Or even a friend or family member.

Someone you love.

Now think about telling them that truth.

You will immediately see why it’s still got a location.

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First-hand experience as a former insurance underwriter. It was what the client didn't tell us that was worrisome.

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Harvey Lloyd 14/3/2018 · #2

Ever wonder why when you gather with social or professional folks you have some anxiety. Maybe there are some things that need to be said, that are lurking within your sub-conscious. @Dave Worthen may have a cure for the hidden but lurking thought.

Harvey Lloyd 14/3/2018 · #1

"Brain clutter" The theory of unhad conversations that come back strong as we gather with the folks that initiated them. I have found that in most cases the clutter was merely a bad perspective on my or the other persons part. It wasn't personal.

This concept though, is one where i see good leaders are willing to participate. I also recognize that after years of facing the negative clutter they have developed a methodology of positive communications within negative circumstances. Several of my mentors were gracious and very inspirational in confronting these situations. Being a large project superintendent for a few years, well lets say, my communication skills were pretty pointed and lacked much humility.

Downloaded the book today.