You Never Grow Old if You're Always a Kid...

You Never Grow Old if You're Always a Kid...

You remember when you were a kid in school standing in line and someone would cut in front of you

Deep down in our school-kid-soul we knew this was not cool.

And this is what age is trying to do now.

Age is trying to cut in line.

Mirror Madness:

See, you know it’s trying to cut in line because when you look at yourself in the mirror in the morning, age is right there, butting in, right?

I mean I feel like an 18-year-old most of the time.

But that’s just ME, you know? That’s me, the spirit. 

And I feel excited about life, yet in the morning when I get out of bed, walk into the bathroom and flip on the light switch, it’s like "Heyyyy...wait a dang second…"

Who is THAT looking back at me in the bathroom mirror?!

And then it hits me. 

Age is trying to take cuts. 

As you lean in closer to inspect this reflection of the age intruder you feel somehow this cannot be you. 

THAT image in front of you does not belong here. 

And you haven’t even had your morning coffee. 

A Glitch in the Age Software Program:

When you were born, they installed a Welcome to Earth Baby Human software program. 

And that’s really why you were crying when you were born. 

Age cut in line in the delivery room. 

I know, right?

See, the womb was your room. Nice and cozy.

But now the real world? Okay, well, what the hell is going on out here?

See, the age software was installed in the body line, so you wouldn’t look like a 6-year-old when you interviewed for your job at IBM.

But they should’ve installed a “Remove Program” for thee and me, right?

I mean the idea of looking like a 13-year old walking down the aisle, well, I get it. That would be weird. I’ll give the software guys credit for that.

But hey, to let the body age when things are just getting good, this is undeniably a software glitch, right? 

I looked into my own aging software program and I did find something very interesting. I felt compelled to pass it on to you.

In the coding of the age software there are directions that when the body ages, “...the body will feel older,” and “ need to act your age.” In other words when you hit each milestone whether it’s your 30’s, 40’s, 50’s, 60’s or beyond that you will feel and act your age. 

And this was an illuminating moment as I leaned in to look closer at my unshaven image squinting back at me. 

That body image staring back at you in the mirror is designed to remind you that you are getting older. 

And that’s the lie.

That’s the origin of the feeling of someone cutting in line.

See, since we entered this world, we all came with an inherent understanding of right and wrong. 

Stealing was wrong.

Cutting in line was wrong.

These are not debatable issues. They’re just wrong-wrong. 

And see age is cutting in line. 

It’s trying to steal the idea that we are separate from our body. It’s enforcing on us with each pound our body gains, the appearance of crow's feet next to our eyes, and each new pair of glasses we get, that we are our bodies and we are aging. 


I’m not buying it.

When I inspected my age software closely it tells you that if you try to tamper with it your system will crash.

And we all know we hate system crashes.

So, I just borrowed a simple piece of code from the Wizard of Oz.

“Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain.”

That’s right. 

I stand back from my bathroom mirror and smile.

I pay no attention to that aging body reflection.

Instead I wash my face, brush my teeth and step out into my living room and call out:

“Alexa, play 'Brown Sugar' by the Rolling Stones.”

And her melodic voice replies back, “Playing Brown Sugar by the Rolling Stones from Spotify.”

As that raucous rock n’ roll beat comes on I pump my fist and do my Jagger impression and the age software is blowing fuses in my head.


That’s the only piece of code in my Welcome to Earth Baby Human software I agree with.

You can try and cut in line, but I will never act my age!

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Orlei Zani Mar 12, 2020 · #14

We are together!

Dave Worthen Mar 2, 2020 · #12

#11 Hi @Orlei Zani! That's a great way to say it! Thanks for stopping by!

+1 +1
Orlei Zani Feb 27, 2020 · #11

Getting old is inevitable, being old is optional.
Feeling good, doing good to everyone and being a good spirit is fundamental.

+3 +3
Dave Worthen Feb 27, 2020 · #10

#9 Hi @Claire L Cardwell! Thank you very much! And thanks for coming here and writing. Yes, just being yourself and enjoying life as the ride and adventure in the body eventually ends!

+1 +1
Claire L Cardwell Feb 27, 2020 · #9

@Dave Worthen - another great read - love the pic of you in the Batman mask - have you got an evening gig? I agree with you re not conforming to the old societies norms of dressing and acting for your age. Being yourself and enjoying life is what matters not what other people might think....

+1 +1
Dave Worthen Feb 25, 2020 · #8

#7 Hi @Kim Atkins! Thanks for stopping by! And I'm glad you loved my book!

Kim Atkins Feb 25, 2020 · #7

You are so very entertaining! I loved your book Marriage, Merriment and Madness! As well as anything you write on your FB page!!! Thank you Dave!

+1 +1