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Your Test Results are Back and Your Temper Was off the Richter Scale

Your Test Results are Back and Your Temper Was off the Richter Scale

Scenario One: Him

You are at work and you find yourself yelling at another executive for what must be the third time this week. You know you have a temper. In the work space you try to keep a rein on it. But sometimes you are so incensed by the utter stupidity that comes on your plate, that your reins break. Dr. Jekyll becomes Mr. Hyde, and you find your dark side creating momentary radiation burns on the person in front of you.

You make your point, but walk away feeling frustrated and disappointed with yourself.  

Each time this happens you can see your outbursts actually end up destroying staff morale and company esprit de corps. Staff begin to walk on eggshells around you. Your temperament becomes the subject of water cooler gossip and after hour criticisms.

Standing in your office you look out your window and realize you have to get a handle on your temper.

Scenario Two: Her

As you rush out the door, you text your husband that you’re running late because of a business meeting gone long, and are just now leaving work to pick up the kids. You arrive at their school with them standing outside manifesting that all too well known attitude kids can wear to show you how unhappy they are. Before they are barely in the car and buckled in, they both begin complaining about “Why are you always late?!”

You look in your rear view mirror and bite your tongue. Your older daughter is still pissed and continues her rant. You’ve had enough so you turn around and let her have it with both barrels. Her eyes get wide and she’s pressed back in her seat like she’s experiencing 5G’s of gravity force. Tears begin to roll down her face. Seconds after you emptied both chambers of your anger, you realize you sounded just like your Mom and how she use to yell at you.

You are horrified.

As you put your car into drive, you look ahead feeling completely ashamed and thinking, “What the hell is wrong with me?”

These are conditions that people like yourself, your colleague, or close friends go through everyday.

And these conditions are often ignored because “This just how life is,” or “I just have to keep my game face on.” So you keep your “game face” on and “push on through” and hope that tomorrow will be a better day.

Conditions like these are no different than physical conditions like the anxiety producing pain in your chest right above your heart. Or the introversion and stressful awareness of a lump under your breast.

The pain in your chest persists, so you make an appointment with your doctor to take some tests.

The lump under your breast is enormously introverting, let alone completely disruptive to every thought during your day, so you make an appointment with your doctor for some tests.

All conditions, from tempers to tumors, are each one a warning light. Some have gone on too long that only your doctor showing you an x-ray of your clogged arteries, actually wake you up. 

If your employees are walking on eggshells, and critical of you from water cooler to cubicle gossip, that should be a wake-up call.

If your kids are burying themselves in their smartphones to avoid the wrath of your force of G’s, that should be a wake-up call.

These “conditions” within yourself are your own mind’s own protective mechanism. Your mind has it’s own oil light.

And there is a reason that light is red.

Your engine will eventually blow up if you don’t confront and address the stress it’s under and take the appropriate action.

Your personal disposition or temperament is your own oil light and in some cases the smoke coming out from “under the hood.”  

You can fix both.

Provided you are willing to confront the problem.

Car problems cause you an inconvenience. You have to have transportation, so even when you put off for too long “taking your car in,” you are forced to by default.

Your temper?

“You got this,” right?

Well, if you are too stubborn to acknowledge your responsibility for your temper, then just do an anonymous survey where your staff can answer some very candid and direct questions.

I’ve done that for my clients and it’s a real shocker to the executive.

Nothing like real life x-days to wake one up.

And if you think your dramatization of your Mom’s temper is something that is “a passing thing” and “you have it under control,”  then while you are having a much needed “girls night out,” have your husband ask your kids if they have any beef with Mom.

I’ve also done this for my clients and it too is a shocker to each parent.

So what about these conditions within yourself?

In the business landscape these conditions take a backseat, because in the front seat sits your ever-present organizational demands, financial stress, and the needs and wants of your clients.

These demands often usurp every ounce of the human soul, such that the human soul, you, the driver, never gets your own much needed diagnostic test.

Well, there is such a test. And it will tell you exactly where your own needle is sitting before your temper gasket blows, your marriage blows, or even some part of your body ends up with a negative x-ray result.

Here are a few testimonials from those who took the test:

“The best self-help author, speaker, and counselor I know.”

~ John White, Inc. Magazine Columnist

"...I would be so bold to say that this simple test evaluation was one of the most major turning points in my life, if not the most major..."

Dr. Jim Gill DVM

“Dave Worthen was able to exactly pin-point the problem and within ten minutes of seeing the results of our tests, I knew this was it.  As result, we were able to direct our attention on a specific area and handle the exact thing that was the problem.  By doing so, we were able to save our marriage and our kids from the potential turmoil of divorce.”

T.N. Mortgage Broker

If you are interested in the test and a free phone consultation, click on the link below. I will tell you just like your doctor, within the first ten minutes of our call, what are your strengths, and also exactly where things are breaking down.

Free Phone Consultation with Dave Worthen

Wayne Yoshida 27/12/2017 · #9

#8 Yes, @Lisa 🐝 Gallagher. I felt bad for a long time - and still remember this event.

Lisa Gallagher 27/12/2017 · #8

#7 I bet you were glad you missed hitting her w/the brick @Wayne Yoshida. Your parents on the other hand, not sure they were happy at all about the brick haha. The things we do without thinking as kids!

+1 +1
Wayne Yoshida 6/12/2017 · #7

#5 Hi @Lisa 🐝 Gallagher - A long time ago, when I was a kid, I threw a brick at my sister, who was being a typical irritating little sister. I missed but broke the window behind her. That scared me.

+3 +3
Dave Worthen 6/12/2017 · #6

#5 Thank you very much, @Lisa 🐝 Gallagher! It’s always a pleasure for me to read your replies here because you are so engaged with the message and how it applies in your life. You should take the test just for the experience of it—-nothing more. I’d love to talk with you and hear your feedback.

+2 +2
Lisa Gallagher 6/12/2017 · #5

#2 You don't seem like you would have ever been the type to blow up a lot @Wayne Yoshida but I guess there are many we wouldn't peg that way. I have that book too, great book.

One of these days I may hit you up @Dave Worthen, after all, a recommendation from @John White, MBA is up there at the top of my list. Good stuff, Dave and you really make people think! If you lived near me, I'd sign up for weekly sessions lol.

+3 +3
Dave Worthen 5/12/2017 · #4

#2 You’re welcome @Wayne Yoshida. Good on you mate for finding a solution that brought you more peace of mind.

+2 +2
Dave Worthen 5/12/2017 · #3

#1 Thank you very much, @Edwin Dearborn!

+1 +1
Wayne Yoshida 5/12/2017 · #2

Thanks @Dave Worthen - I used to blow up a lot. But years ago a friend gave me a copy of "Don't Sweat the Small Stuff" -- and it changed my life. Another thing that really calmed me down is choosing a better career and enjoying passions.

+4 +4