David Ayza Enero en cybersecurity professionals, Cybersecurity, Big Data 13/2/2018 · 5 min de lectura · ~100

CYBERSECURITY - Crossing the last frontier

The future landed 10 years ago, and with it an innumerable number of devices, technologies, methodologies, and trends has come with it to stay. Some studies foresee that by 2020 there will be 200 billion connected things. We are talking of course, about the era of IoT (internet of things). The IoT describes a model where every device and tool that can be used is connected with each other through “the cloud”, and thus is possible to track, create and store data. Because of that reason, everything (car, fridge, TV, console, smartphone…) can be hacked, anybody can get in, take that information and use it with bad manners. The discipline that works to prevent this is called Cybersecurity. And today we will look at main cybersecurity threats, facts, statistics, examples and tips. 

Cybersecurity is all those technologies, processes and controls designed to protect systems, networks and data from Cyber Attacks, which are considered any damage or unauthorized access to data, and the latest exploitation from it.

The importance and transcendence that cybersecurity has in every current government is obvious, right? Imagine how many messages we send every day to our friends, family, business, people that we meet.. Now, multiply it by number of people doing it in the world, the result is monstrous. Scale that to the amount of data that is created in only one week, two, a month!

Internet knows more from us than we think, did it ever happen to you, checking your flight to New York one evening and then, the day after you wake up and go to Facebook or you read daily news and there are offers popping up with flights to New York, Hotels in New York, etc. All that is due to the information and your preferences stored online, and it is called Big Data.

Sensitive information, intellectual property, financial data, military plans….all this information information should be well protected. Because if it hacked, only God knows how people can use it against people, companies, governments, etc.

However, even though we live in the most connected and digital era of all times, people are not really aware of the consequences of not taking care of the cybersecurity threats.

There are 3 main cybersecurity issues:

1- Lack of understanding and