Digital Health hub: building the innovation ecosystem

We all know about the digital trend, however, is there a healthy digital hub that allows each city or region to grow exponentially and become more and more innovative in a healthy and balanced manner? In this article we will cover the main areas of a healthy digital hub and more precisely we will look at the digital health hub, answering the question of what are the top digital health hubs in the world.

A healthy digital hub is normally made out of different factors that have an impact on the whole ecosystem, for example:

  • Incubators; in order to start in the right way, startups need somebody willing to take care of them throughout the first weeks. Probably these are some of the most important ones, since here is when the first idea starts to develop itself into a viable one. Usually this help is given by another one providing management training or simply space (office).
  • Governments; the governments have the task to write or create rules, benefits, certain type of strategies that help the community to grow healthy and can support itself and attracting investors who see an opportunity in the ecosystem.
  • Investors; those who by capital, resources or networking help different companies to grow.
  • Industry association; organisation of companies and employees supporting, in this case, the high technology industry and protects their rights.
  • Large companies; the ones who sustain the economy and give the startups time to grow and establish themselves. They have the function of attracting big investors from the outside. It is a good tool for the startups to do networking and stretch their connections around the market.
  • Start-ups; of course the principal character of the story. The motor of the Hubs in the ecosystems.

Healthy digital hubs create a cooperation between companies and those previously mentioned players in order to boost innovation, connecting them and exchanging knowledge and expertise.

Each and every one of them is different. There are those hubs specialized in software development, sport, education, food… The variety relays on the number of companies aimed to tackle one certain aspect and the help that the public institutions give to the organizations, accelerations, incubators or investors.

In 2017, the healthcare industry lost none of its capacity to attract capital and draw attention to funds such as Ysios Capital, Caixa Capital Ri