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Distributed Agile teams: 9 hacks that make them work

The world is going insane. Thousands and thousands of things we have in our brain every day; new stuff to do, new trends to discover, new team members, projects that you have to catch up with, self-education, etc. It seems like everything is aimed to stress us and it actually affects the quality of the projects we are working on. However, we see the quality jump due to agile methodology adoption. And as in most of the cases, successful companies have more than one office and teams all over the world, today’s article will be focused on Distributed Agile Teams in order to see how we can work more efficiently.

And I should say that Agile is implemented in any kind of business and in any department. For example, “Shoe store manager” does daily stand up meetings to share new sales strategies that worked, plan for the upcoming day and to see if anyone in a team has a problem, etc.

Agile is about valuing the individuals and the interactions, customer collaboration and respondents to change. It is about making your product or service “working”, quality over quantity.  

Agile teams overcome a difficult situation through “we” rather than “I”. The ideal scenario will almost never become real; team members get sick, unexpected things happen, etc. And being in the same room or building does not mean that it will increase the productivity of the team. Communication has always been key for agile teams, and even though teams can work from different continents, they can still speak with each other on a regular basis via Slack, Skype, Hangouts, etc.

Distributed Agile teams: 9 hacks that make them work

We live in the globalized era when almost all the companies face the same issue: how to work efficiently while working from different places and having different time zones. With agile, teams remove this sense of being distributed and still deliver quality and working software. How?

Here we give you a list of 9 hacks to follow that will optimize the productivity of your Distributed Agile teams:

1- The importance of communication

When we talk about Distributed Agile teams, we talk about tools for communication. And by tools