Mixed reality - pushing out into the new world

Imagine walking through the jungle, cutting lianas with your machete and entering yourself into dark caves filled with strange creatures and animals… while being at home. Stop imagining it! And welcome to the new world, to the mixed reality world.

The evolution and improvement of sensors and processing, mixed with advanced computer vision, graphical power, display technology and input systems are allowing us to discover and feel with our eyes situations and environments that we never thought could happen.

This technology allows us to set feed on the edge of a cliff without the danger of falling, or play around with a flying cubic and even take the infinite starts to nowhere.

Mixed reality breaks down the limits of the physical world with the digital world. It is an evolution in human, computer and environment interaction.  – Developer.Microsoft.com

The term was first used by Paul Milgram and Funio Kishono in 1994 for the categorization of the different displays applications.

What is M.R made of?

The reality as a whole that we see right now is a mix of the interaction of three different realities. The human interaction, Computer (digital) and Environment.

One reality is the conventional, what we see with our eyes and the position that the people have in the world. Surface, the light, the sound, the object recognition etc.

The relationship with the human and the computer as been studied over several decades, this discipline is known as Human-Computer Interaction (HCI). The interaction between computers and environments is effectively environmental understanding, or perception. – Microsoft

Source: Mixed reality-Microsoft

Without the environment, we can´t blend physical and digital world, creating the dynamic interaction with the entire spectrum of situations between the real world and digital or virtual reality.

Mixed reality-Microsoft

The entire spectrum can be represented with this graphic. Starting from the top left we have the physical reality, our perception of the real world. The more digital or virtual reality that we add to it, will change the reality turning it into Augmented Reality (digital content on the real world) or Virtual Reality (when a person or human input is surrounded by the digital world).

Virtual Reality