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Top Boat Racing Resources

Top Boat Racing Resources

Boat racing is one of the world’s most exciting sports. The offshore racer has to not only fight against his competitors, but also match himself against the water. The water is not a friendly competitor, at 140 miles per hour, the surface is as hard as a brick. The world’s best racers make the competition look effortless, but in reality it involves quick decisions at breakneck speed, top-notch machinery, and nerves of steel. The sport is growing in popularity, but some people are still looking to know more. The following are some great resources for those who want to learn more about the incredible world of muscle boat racing. 

Super Boat International

Super Boat International was founded by John Carbonell in 1989. Now they have races all around the country, which attract some of the most talented and competitive teams in the world. These races attract a million fans each year, and the group guesses that the number of attendees will only continue to grow. 

Today Super Boat International serves as the premier national and international sanctioning body for offshore powerboat racing. Their website is a great way to stay updated about upcoming races, join other like-minded individuals, and review the rulebook and other important documents. 

American Power Boat Association

The American Power Boat Association, or APBA, is another valuable muscle racing resource. The group is a governing body authorized by the UIM (Union Internationale Motonautique). This authorization allows them to keep set records recognized nationally and internationally, provide insurance, and hold championship races. To win a World Championship, a racer needs to be registered with the UIM and APBA. The group also produces the Propeller Magazine, a publication that keeps people up-to-date on all the sport’s happenings. 

Muscle Racing USA

David C. Branch runs Muscle Racing, a site devoted to sharing information about the sport, insights into his time racing, videos, and more. The winner of 10 national championships, 4 world titles, and 73 checkered flags over 311 races, David has a wealth of information to share about the sport. On his site you can find his blog, pictures of his favorite boats, and press releases. 

These are just a few of the top resources for finding out more about powerboat racing. Checking out these sites is a great way to find schedules, learn more, and explore muscle racing yourself! 

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David Slone May 19, 2020 · #1

Totally agree - it's a great sport to watch. Here in NZ they also race on lakes which means you can get very close to the action - especially the 'standing' starts. Such a relaxing day laying back on a grassy slope watching (and listening) to the boats