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Cultivate Your Creativity

Cultivate Your CreativityCreativity as a personal quality is a slippery fish. What is the answer to the question, “How do I become more creative?” or the correct response to the lament, “But I am just not a creative type?”

I believe that, in the same way that everyone on the planet with arms can throw a ball (however badly) so is everyone creative. Further that, just as with a bit of help, training, guidance and tips, you can get better at throwing that ball, you can become more creative.

I will host a series of workshops and talks which help people unlock some of these techniques. But there are some really odd-ball and simple things you can try at home anyway.

Read this article on song-writing for example . Some of those techniques sound crazy. Yet I can assure you that I have used at least four of them to great effect when writing poetry, trying to come up with a unique angle for an article and in writing short stories.

Sometimes what limits us with b