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Rock To Success

I first picked up a guitar and took a couple of lessons when I was 12. I didn’t do it again until I was 17 and then I switched to bass. Somewhere between 1987 and now, I also switched to being behind the scenes instead of on stage. It was from this new vantage point that I think I have learned the most about life and life in music.

The music industry is fascinating. It is an absolute mash-up of myths and cold, hard realities. It is an everyday struggle for fans, musicians, journalists and all the other players to actually tell the difference.

You want a definitive example of this? Digital downloads. This was going to be long tail Nirvana… everyone could find their audience, make a living and keep music alive and well. Instead, the flipside has been true. Major labels retained their power, small bands are drowning in the swamps of competitions and very few people are making money.

It’s a very telling demonstration of how methods are often as good as the conditions they thrive in. What worked for artists in the 80’s will not work now. As for what does work now, well it seems mainly to be money. Money and a good dose of old fashioned hard work with a liberal basting of luck.

Rock To SuccessNone the less, there are some very definite things that all top music stars seem to have in common. Things that many aspiring music stars choose to ignore.

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