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The Creative Secrets of Rock ‘n Roll

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The Creative Secrets of Rock ‘n RollDiscover the hidden secrets of successful creativity from the world of rock n roll with David Chislett and Shayne Smart on Tuesday 29 November at The Open Coöp.

When we look at successful musicians it’s all too easy to just see the image, the entertainment package and not to look any further. And yet, there are some extremely powerful and simple things that successful artists do, both creatively and from a business perspective, that sets them aside from the millions of Idols - hopefuls who never get beyond their living room Karaoke set.

In a highly visual and interactive session, David and Shayne will unpack these secrets so that anyone who wonders, ‘How do I build a seamless product?’ can apply the rock star rules and walk away with serious inspiration and ideas to apply.

The Creative Secrets of Rock ‘n RollDavid has been helping creatives develop their businesses and business be creative for his whole career. He believes that ever