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The Case for Indeed Stinging LinkedIn in 2018

The Case for Indeed Stinging LinkedIn in 2018[Meta Observation: This piece about the decline of LinkedIn was originally posted on LinkedIn itself and will certainly put the content-censor conspiracy theories to the test. But I hope ideas worth talking about will find a place to grow - even in harsh environments.] 

What follows are my thoughts on Indeed, LinkedIn and (spoiler alert) how a relatively small upstart call BeBee can disrupt the industry.  (Full disclosure: I'm not an industry insider and have no financial or other interest in any of the companies mentioned. As a user, I simply want better tools to find a great place to work!)

LinkedIn Now

If you've been on LinkedIn for more that a few years you noticed some changes that occurred around the time Microsoft entered the picture. We all wondered aloud if the monetization, pay walls and feature-bureaucracy was the start of a slow decline. But it's been 18 months since the acquisition, Microsoft has had a light touch, and LinkedIn is doing just fine with between 250 and 500 million users depending on how you count. But will those users have any interest in an Office 365 integration, or CRM applications? Is that why you started and continue to use LinkedIn?

What LinkedIn Missed

LinkedIn is a job search app that thinks it's a professional networking app. As a foundation of the business, professional networking on-line has little value. If we're being honest, LinkedIn's value (to the user) is to help secure your next career move, not improve the data quality of our employer's CRM. So, I propose that what will ultimately - and rapidly - stop LinkedIn is not failure of an MS or CRM strategy, but that they didn't start with, promote and maintain "job search" as the core brand recognition element for users. This is an opening for a major disruption.

Indeed's Needs

Indeed is the professional career tool with highest potential to displace Linkedin. There's no mistaking its position as the leading job search brand, and if that's the core competency needed for long-term success, it's quite to easy to see Indeed taking over LinkedIn. But today, Indeed is one dimensional. As a user (and with all due respect to the brains behind the curtain), Indeed has the depth and feel of a Craigslist or a flat aggregation site, a la Drudge Report. While it speaks to the power of doing one thing well, it's just a high functioning, digital version of the classified ads in the paper.

The Problem

We've all looked for jobs on Indeed, LinkedIn and the others; many of you have hired from these as well. Raise your hand if you felt like the experience easily revealed the best candidate (or employer) and truly showed you what that person (or hiring manger) was like. Or did it simply act as a glorified way to send a resume? Just as with Indeed, we've really only moved the job posting from paper to screen. It's a highly unproductive cattle call: employers get stacks of unqualified resumes and job seekers have no way of communicating the intangibles that make them a good hire.

Enter the Solution (On a Unicorn)

BeBee is a relatively new networking site with a mix of professional and social capabilities that bring people together in self-selected groups called "hives". Founded in Spain and growing rapidly in Europe and the US, you may have heard of it but most likely not used it. What BeBee has in terms of connecting people with similar backgrounds, interests or whatever "hive" you join is the singular piece that Indeed is missing to rapidly displace LinkedIn on all fronts. By acquiring BeBee and retooling Indeed as an immersive hiring platform that uncovers both professional and personal connections between employees and employers, they will have a product that no one else can match. Indeed's existing user base is eager to find the next big leap forward in job search functionality and productivity.


I'd love to hear your thoughts on where this market is headed and what will be the key drivers in 2018. Indeed acquiring BeBee is just one idea and who knows how quickly changes will happen. What I do know is that if these two paired up, I'd be really interested in seeing what that was all about -- and I bet I'm not the only one.

Marcos Miranda 4/12/2017 · #8

@DavidEmmerich Couldn't agree more. As a matter of fact, I find very interesting how a so called professional networking allows so little collaboration and networking.
If you add monetization to the mix you find yourself immersed in quite limited platform, where skills and creativity doesn't stand a chance against premium profiles.

Erroll -EL- Warner 3/12/2017 · #7

Very interesting. LinkedIn has lost all sense of direction. When people have problems it seems as if they are directed to forums and member platform. Information should more accessible like to change your password here is the link. To disconnect from a service here is the link. Everything should be straightforward rather than having to search. I am familiar with Indeed. A joint venture between Indeed and BeBee would be just great. On BeBee, people are constantly in touch with their connections.

Don Philpott☘️ 3/12/2017 · #6

"Indeed has the depth and feel of a Craigslist" - QED

Javier 🐝 beBee 3/12/2017 · #5

@David Emmerich thanks for your thoughts. Welcome to beBee!

Kevin Baker 2/12/2017 · #4

The determining factors of the future success and failure are . Don't forget what brought you success in the first place. All sites that diffuse are the ones that do not hear what the end user is saying. What appears to be better for a platform in theory is usually what brings about the end of success growth. I do not see bebee being a threat in any way to g+. Tumblr has more self defeatist internal politics then every one else.


Interesting post, David. I agree with @David B. Grinberg about beBee being acquired by Google or Yahoo. LinkedIn is stuck in its old archaic ways, with only a few alterations since it was purchased by Microsoft. Plus the LinkedIn groups seem to be fading away, which I feel is a big mistake because people like to be with people, even in the virtual world. Groups give users an opportunity to meet others with like ideas, etc.

beBee, on the other hand, is innovative and has a "take the bull by its horns" attitude. Plus, as David pointed out, the founders of beBee are active in its everyday activities.

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David B. Grinberg 2/12/2017 · #2

Nice blogging buzz, David. I've also thought about beBee being acquired by a digital media monolith like Google or Yahoo, but perhaps Indeed would work well too. I think the concept of a large internet company acquiring beBee makes sense if that tech company has a void to fill with social media, so as not to fall behind of their competitors. I would also point out for example, that most users on LinkedIn are inactive on a monthly basis. Thus, the inflated 500 million user figure oft cited by LinkedIn is really closer to 100 million when considering active users. And it's active users that equate with more engagement, which is what social media is all about.
That's the beauty of beBee, high user engagement and satisfaction due to active users and relevant content. Also, LinkedIn is 15-years old already, which is dinosaur status in the tech world. beBee is under 3-years old. Still, beBee has a live mobile streaming app, Live Buzz, whereas LinkedIn is just catching up with allowing users to post native video. This says a lot about how beBee is light years ahead of its time compared to where LinkedIn was at 3-years old.
Lastly, in addition to active users (bees) and amazing ambassadors, beBee has something else going for it: a highly engaged co-founder and CEO in @Javier 🐝 beBee and another co-founder, @Juan Imaz, who is likewise a serial entrepreneur -- not to mention the dedicated beBee team in Madrid. Lastly, I like to remember that long shots do indeed come in for those who place the right bets. But if you never try, you'll never know what might have been. No risk, no reward!

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