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Want To Own Land In Bali ? Better Read the Latest Issue of The Indonesian Legal Digest - Recent Legislation Makes It Easier

Want To Own Land In Bali ? Better Read the Latest Issue of The Indonesian Legal Digest - Recent Legislation Makes It Easier

Indonesian Legal Digest - Foreign Real Estate Ownership by David Hutton & Davidson Samosir, Advoket & Editor


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 Land - It is an alienable right of the People, at least those that are free and this is as old as time itself. You could even go so far as to say that it is very closely tied to all of the other freedoms that a Country’s citizens enjoy. You take their Land – You have taken a part or all of their Freedom because the two are inseparable and freedom to own land is also is aligned to other inseparable rights such as speech, religion association and the obvious others that we all know and we also know whether we are free or not.  

 It has been a recent and new phenomena globally that investors are looking into receiving better tax treatment by legally avoiding taxes in their native homeland through real and legitimate investments that will appreciate the overall value of their financial portfolio. With many countries “opening their Doors” to global investors, countries allow themselves become the “New Gold”, for both individual and corporate investors. Although many investors found tremendous success in their path, some “Backfired”.


Indonesia, an archipelago country that has more than 17,000 islands expanding as wide as the United States’ east to west coasts, just recently opened their doors to the global investor. Although it is mistaken by many foreigners as part of Bali - instead it’s actually the other way around - The Indonesian government has recently changed their view on foreigners’ rights to own property. The responsible legislation for this was Government Regulation No 103 of 2015specifically deals with and Governs the Ownership of Residential Property by Foreign Citizens Domiciled in Indonesia (“GR 103/2015”).

 This new legislation, in essence, legalizes for different classifications and longer property