Checklist for Hiring Augmented Reality Developers

Augmented reality has a great market potential and demand on AR apps is enormous.  

Not surprisingly, this booming technology blends the lines between physical and digital world offering new ways of interacting with customers, colleagues and the world around us.

If you have an amazing idea of AR app you will definitely need professionals to bring your idea to life. But hiring good augmented reality developers is not as easy-peasy as it can seem. Since we talk about services and not about a ready-made product that you can touch, feel and see, there is no exact and definite way how to evaluate AR developers effectively.Checklist for Hiring Augmented Reality Developers

So what particulars to pay attention to? Here are some tips.


In a nutshell, you’d better hire developers with strong background of completed AR projects that you can get familiar with. Dive into their portfolio and explore it thoroughly. You can ask for references to their current and past clients for getting in touch. Feel free to utilize specific online platforms with client reviews, for example, Clutch or any other.

It will make you confident that they will implement your idea precisely as you outlined it in your mind. Never neglect experience of your developers, if you don’t want to regret the consequences.

Communication during the development

Decide how you are going to communicate with the development team. Keep in mind that your developers can be located in a different time zone, so think about hours when you will be able to talk. What communication tools are you going to use? Slack, skype, email etc. How are you going to track the progress on the project?

If your developers are in constant touch, provide respective feedback in a timely manner despite time difference and you are able to supervise their work progress - the development team is definitely a perfect match.

Payment terms

Find out the payment terms that your developers abide by. Fixed price or hourly based? If you have a limited budget, you’d better know all pitfalls in advance. Transparent payment terms make development team more attractive for collaboration. You should know precisely what you are paying for and that no extra fees will suddenly appear.

Nobody likes surprises in cost growth.

Of course, it is not recommended to choose the cheapest option, for cheap in development can turn expensive in bug fixing and further maintenance.

Select a good balance of price and quality.

Freelancers or companies

There is no unambiguous answer as for choosing a development company or hire freelancers. It all depends. On project specifics, available budget and project deadline, as well as your custom preferences.

Usually freelancers can deliver cheaper, but it will take more time. Although development companies are more expensive they are more reliable and deliver very good quality in a shorter period of time.

Again, balancing between your preferences and focusing on the priority will help you to make the suitable choice.

Best of luck in your search!