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Car Washing with Papa

Car Washing with PapaEvery time I wash my car, it comes to my mind when my father asked me to help him washing the family’s car.

It was always a fun moment to make something useful side by side with him.

From him, I learned many things, as well as painting, fixing a door or a light at home.

He was a very handy man, and I don’t remember having any professional coming home to fix anything. It did not matter if he had not the right tools or parts: he always managed to get things done, and this I learned from him, as he always had me on his side to help, watch and learn.

Last Saturday I went to wash my car.

Beside me, at the vacuum cleaner range, it was a man cleaning his car too.

In the back seat of the car, was his son, about 10 years old, playing with a Gameboy, while chatting with papa’s cell phone, and listening to a kid story played full volume at the car’s audio device, all at the same time.

Nevertheless, his face was of an absolute disgust and yelled bitterly