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Catching Butterflies

Catching ButterfliesDid you ever try to catch a butterfly? Difficult, sometimes frustrating, isn’t it?

Could it be compared to finding your dreamed job or the perfect partner for your life?

What if you are trying to give your business a disruptive turn, or to enter and be successful in a market you are willing to?

How can it be that this brilliant idea which could provide your desired objectives, seem to be unreachable, even if sometimes you have the feeling it’s at the tip of your fingers?

Or even more frustrating, which is this big error you are doing without noticing, when trying to get audience with your posts, no matter how hard  you try?

Sometimes you have the feeling like being fishes in a fish bowl, which are not able to notice the water they are on.

Sorry, I did not find a cure-all (yet), but here are some hints might help

Make sure you are catching THE butterfly.

The desire to catch a butterfly can cause delusion. 

Not every flying insect is a butterfly, and even if it is, could not be the one you are looking for.

Make sure you WANT to catch a butterfly.

Some objectives we set in our lives are just an unconscious response to an unwanted current situation, or to improve something you cannot do otherwise than letting it aside and starting from scratch. 

You will need to make a deep and honest self-exam to find this out.

A simple question could throw light to it: What if I catch it? Will accomplish my expectations?

If you are sure about the above two points, you are almost there.

Next step:

Stop catching butterflies.

Catching Butterflies

Rather, make a nice garden to attracting them.

Whenever trying to find the dreamed job, finding a partner, 

succeeding in business or socially, 

you are putting yourself in the “Catching Mode”, 

so no butterfly will come close to you. 

No way.

In the other hand, you have tried already, and you didn’t get it, isn’t it?

So better change your strategy, and enhance your “garden”, yourself, your environment, the things you do, how you do them, get rid of the “garbage”, act as if you were used to be surrounded by butterflies, 

and they will come pleasantly and willingly to pose in your nose.

In other words, make of yourself someone to whom you would be pleased to be with, and you will attract the object of your desire as a result of simple (but powerful) affinity side effect.

Additionally, you will be able to focus on the butterfly and not on the catch, and will be able to recognise clearly the right one and the right moment.

Sushmita Jain 30/9/2016 · #27

#25 Yes David you are right, acceptance and finding out what needs to be done is half the battle wont, hen one requires to focus and work out.

David Navarro López 30/9/2016 · #26

#23 Thank you for your kind words, Anandhi. We use to atract things/people similar to us. If we change ourselves for the good, we will atract good things and people, and automatically, evil will rush from us

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David Navarro López 30/9/2016 · #25

#21 yes Sushmita, the very moment you force a situation, you are transforming the things to your will, when sometimes is much more enriching accepting and learning

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David Navarro López 30/9/2016 · #24

#22 I believe that's what is all about. Keeping growing and enhancing ourselves. In this, i admit I am completely in agreement, with @Ali Anani, as nature tells us what is the way to go. Let die what is rotten, and keep on growing, giving birth to new life, new thoughts, new talents. Nature never stops to renew itself. We should learn from it.

Anandhi Krishnan 30/9/2016 · #23

Very elegantly written post. Butterflies being colourful themselves, get attracted to colours too. Their focus brings them to their destination, Amidst flowers, what distracts us are those beautiful butterflies, fluttering their wings.They are one with nature.

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Lisa Gallagher 30/9/2016 · #22

@David Navarro López, what a great post. I loved your analogy with the use of butterflies. It made me think of the caterpillar and metamorphosis. We are all capable if we have the desire to keep maturing/growing.

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Sushmita Jain 30/9/2016 · #21

@David Navarro López such an amazing post! Loved the idea of growing your own garden to attract more butterflies rather than catching them. Instead of forcing someone to be with you rather work on your talent or what you have to offer and your audience will grow :-) Thank @David Navarro López for sharing this post!

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A naif thought came to my mind as I finished your article reading : butteflies can live because caterpilar can live anymore... The life and its dynamic processes.. thnaks for sharing @David Navarro López

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