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Hate: The legacy of 21st Century generation

Hate: The legacy of 21st Century generation

The Islamism is an issue that some decades ago was only a “local” matter. Nowadays, we are globally exposed to its complexity and is difficult for a western citizen to have a fair opinion or positioning to the matter.

Above all, many of the most admired people I know are Muslims.

It will be difficult to expose facts and opinions here and remain delicately impartial, which is my main point for this buzz, only for the fact that highlighting some issues above others is already biasing.

The uncomforting feeling of not understanding has driven me to abandon my mutism, even if I know no clear answer is going to be found.

The information anyone can get, no matter on which side of the conflict you are, is manipulated. The easy way is to consider that there are no intermediate or alternative positions, so fanatism and racism are going hand on hand amongst us, creating a powerful monster: Hatred.

It is contaminating us in such a way, that if you are a western citizen, and you hear or see Muslims talking to each other, you automatically grow feelings of rejection. For me, being born in Barcelona, one of the most tolerant cities along its history I know, this is difficult to accept.

The multiple and simultaneous conflicts between religion, culture, economic power, political power, class struggle, are interacting in such a way that there is no way to know what is the inception of all of it, whilst we are all human beings who have the same feelings, needs and wishes.

Macro and Micro

  • From the one side, you can find some Macro issues, like some Islamic countries which are openly promoting and financing fanatism and terrorism, coming from a distorted point of view of their own religion’s most pure principles.
  • From the other side, you find western countries that are using fear and ignorance to indulge themselves to start wars, be they economic or military ones.

In my opinion, both positions are guilty of the same sin in equal parts: Promoting hate between human beings, for their own selfish purposes.

In the middle of them, there are the economic powers, which historically have always financed and promoted both sides of any conflict, and taken profit of all of them.

All these three factions have very powerful propagandistic mechanisms to spread manipulated or manufactured news to influence/justify their actions.

These Macro issues are influencing other Micro facts, like for example, integration of refugees on western countries.

At this point, I am not too sure which of both positions are more fanatic and racist.

From my subjective perspective, it is difficult for me to understand how can Islamic people say that Europeans are racists, or not willing to let them integrate, whilst they are the firsts who are not willing to do it, claiming rights like building their own mosques with minarets in the middle of an ancient European city, altering the traditional skyline of it, not to speak about maintaining without any concession their own traditions and way of living, no matter if they don’t fit in our culture. At the same time, rejecting any possibility of adapting to any tradition of the country they are living in.

I wonder what would happen if we would try to do the same in their country.

Some weeks ago, I took a taxi, and the driver was a Turkish man who has lived in Germany for over 30 years. His children have grown up in this country, and he has already grandchildren.

In a traffic light, there was a pedestrian waiting to cross, who was wearing a kilt, or Scottish skirt. The Turkish driver yelled if he thought we were in Scotland, and if he was a man, he should not wear any skirt, which was undermining the proud of being a male, as a skirt is female clothing. 

Astonished as I was, I failed to answer that even this was Germany and not Istambul, I had the same feeling when I see Muslim ladies with their burkas, niqabs and hijabs

This is what I mean with Macros influencing in Micros.

It is not seen at the Coran that females must use clothing covering their faces or hair. Mostly it comes from radical interpretations, starting in Afganistan along the rise of the Taliban.

Radicalism is getting empowered in the Islamic and Western countries, using and promoting a low level of laic education, and brainwashing their population with extremist concepts.

Any attempt of going against this trend is considered treason and purged.

We are sadly attending to the same extremist trend in western countries, with the rise of neoliberal and neo-fascist political parties taking positions in our governments.

The worst part of it is that these political parties are democratically voted, that is, western countries Micro environment is as well been deeply influenced by Macro issues.

Again, both parts of the conflict have the same level of responsibility about the sins against humankind we are seeing every day.
David Navarro
  • Is this really the best we can do as “dominating species” of this 21st-century world?
  • To promote hate against each other with no other excuse that “the others started first”, or “because they are different”?

With all this, we are breaking a rule which has lasted since the dawn of the mankind:

To deliver to the next generation a better world to live in.

We should be ashamed of ourselves.

Credit of the image: Found in Internet. Tried to find out who the author is, without success. I have chosen the picture because it reflects exactly the image I have about this conflict. Monkeys fighting each other whilst other richer monkeys are comfortably enjoying the spectacle.

Praveen Raj Gullepalli 17/11/2018 · #20

#17 All change must first occur at the individual level David. The microcosm and the macrocosm are the two extreme ends. Change needs to encompass and cover the distance between these two, to be complete and total.

David Navarro López 17/11/2018 · #19

#13 It is always stimulating to read your lines, Harvey.
In the book Sapiens there are some hints, which led me to think the following.
In the past, we used to group in tribes to ensure our own security. It came a time on which the leaders of these tribes, due to the growing number of the individuals, needed to put as a "flag" something bigger, name it nation, god or race. The question is been always as you point out, to keep the mass with some level of fear, to keep them slaves of the leadership.
Humankind is now a number of tribes still fighting to each other.
The problem is that have not noticed that keeping this fight is, for the first time, endangering our own survival as species.
The focus of our fears/hates is nowadays wrong: fighting other tribes is fighting ourselves.
It is not tolerance what we should be looking for, but understanding, for our own good, that we should embrace with open arms other tribes to make us stronger. Any other way will only make us weaker.

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David Navarro López 17/11/2018 · #18

#12 Thank you for your words, Franci. I believe that we have become grown up as a Species, but we still have not taken our responsibility for it.
As humankind, we are like teenagers who still don't know what is best for ourselves, and lead a life of self-destruction.
In another post related to this, I wrote "With the blindfold of our own fears as individuals, that is, the aim of own survival, we are missing the point that if we want our own individual survival, this is not going to be possible if we don´t put the community survival as a priority in the first place. "
Have a look at it here https://www.bebee.com/producer/@david-navarro-lopez/is-the-humankind-progress-prisoner-of-its-own-selfishness

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David Navarro López 17/11/2018 · #17

#11 Thank you for your comment, you are spot on by saying "Peaceful co-existence, mutual respect and promoting prosperity of all nations is the true sign of being civilised and responsible."
Normally, 1+1=2. So if you take two human beings, both are willing to peacefully coexist. This coexistence should be much bigger when we talk about thousands and millions of human beings, who separately want the same thing.
But when you look at the humankind as an entity, you see that the trend of this entity goes against the individual parts of it.
Is a "mathematical" nonsense
Humans, crazy we are

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David Navarro López 17/11/2018 · #16

#7 Nevertheless, even if focusing on the good things that diversity can provide, I believe it is responsibility from us all to point out that hate, racism and all the nasty things that come together with it, is not the right way.
In other words, keeping silent before the acts of evil is somehow accept them and promoting them.
"It is the silence of the righteous that allows the wicked to walk freely amongst us"

David Navarro López 17/11/2018 · #15

#7 Thank you for taking your time for stopping by and making such a meaningful comment. I completely agree that is useless to fight against things that are out of our reach. So the wise thing to do, as you point out, is to focus on things you do have influence, like not noticing hatred and keeping on having a brotherhood with any kind of people who have the same basic principles you do, no matter where they come from or what is his/her cultural background. As Stevie Wonder would say, "differences of colours, ethnicities and cultures are no other than the rainbow of God". We should be thankful for that, and take it as it is: an opportunity to meet other people who, even if they might have the same basic values than us, can enrich us with other nuances we could be blind to due to our own background

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Ian Weinberg 14/11/2018 · #14

An important and timely post @David Navarro López As I've stated in many of my articles - sensitivity, awareness and non-judgementalism is the required mix to transcend the violations of deletion, distortion and generalization.

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Harvey Lloyd 12/11/2018 · #13

@David Navarro López the word hate is really an emergent emotion. Most often it emerges from fear. Fear of a future that "may" be robbed from a person or group through systems emerging from other groups or persons. Normally we had religious or metaphysical means of digesting these fears within dialogue of trust. Trust meaning, everyone understood that each had to survive the outcome of choices. Mutual respect if you will.

Through marketing though i think we have monetized religion and politics. There is big money and power in identity groups. The leaders of these groups in an effort to grab power motivate the money tree in their favor.

Through these efforts though they must create an enemy to fight. It is usually an ideal but quickly turns to other groups of humans. In the past when people had differences they would each research present the cases for or against and then work through the differences. This sounds pretty passive in today's world. Most importantly it cant be monetized or brokered for power.

This is not a new phenomena. Hitler, Stalin and Mussolini all saw groups and getting them pitted against one another, as a slight of hand in money/power grabs.

Hate is what we experience, but this is really organized fear (False Evidence Appearing Real). Organized for some aristocrats benefit. Great post as always.

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