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Linked In vs. Bebee = Potatoes vs. Apples

The other day I saw a post by Jeffrey Strickland at Linked In, on which he was giving his reasons to stay there instead of moving to Bebee. In his words “I have heard the bad hype about LinkedIn and the good publicity regarding Bebee, but there are a number of reasons I stay on LinkedIn. In fact, there are 12,222 reasons corresponding to the number of followers I have.”

The first thing it made me read more about this post was the image used, which I copied for you to see it.

Linked In vs. Bebee = Potatoes vs. Apples

You can see there a bee with a threatening gesture, while the upper side of the head of Mr Strickland appears to be behind the protection of a Linked In shield. Or this is my personal impression of this image.

There has been already said a lot about these two networks, and as I am just a humble user and not an expert on this issues, I can only speak from my personal experience, but in terms of what it has meant to me both networks, to compare LI and Bebee is like comparing potatoes and apples.

  • Looking for a job

I first joined LI in a time I was looking for a job, thinking it was a way to be more available for recruiters who were looking for a profile like mine. Useless. The few contacts I got concerning to this, were too far away of what I was capable to do, or what I was looking for.

Under my point of view, this lack of accuracy is based on a simple fact that was made clear to me when I joined Bebee. LI, despite its huge reach, in terms of personnel selection, provides the recruiters with an old fashioned way of showing candidates, what they have done, academical background, etc. It seems to me a never-ending list of slaves ready to use. No personal interest was shown.

The achievements of a candidate’s past are no longer a way to show what a candidate can be in the future. Oh yes, you might have been very successful in a previous company, but if you got burned due to it, or you “learned” bad working practices, there is no way for a recruiter to know it.

On the contrary, at Bebee you can show who you are, (your personal branding), and recruiters can have a feeling of what kind of person you have become, due (or despite) your previous jobs. An example can be seen here (https://www.bebee.com/producer/@jorge-carballo-perez/networking-en-bebee-algo-ya-habitual-incorporamos-a-paz-hueso)

  • Networking

Before the “Pulse thing” happened to be what it is today, I liked to read some interesting articles and wanted to bring to them my little grain of sand. Sometimes I had to wait for days to be approved to join, and even then, with no further explanation, I was ignored. The comments on articles on which “I was allowed to do so”, many times simply vanished.

Unless you are a VIP or have plenty of followers, at LI your voice is not likely to be heard, and furthermore, is not going to resonate to people who have the same interests, causing enriching comments.

From the first post I made with its brilliant application “Producer” at Bebee, (which has no limits on length) I got an immediate response, full of meaningful and respectful comments of other users. And by the way, you don’t need to pay for having additional privileges. On the contrary, see for yourself at Ambassadors Plan. Juan Imaz Javier 🐝 beBee    https://www.bebee.com/producer/@juan-imaz/how-much-will-the-equity-of-our-bebee-ambassadors-be-worth

In my opinion, the strength of Bebee resides on its philosophy, which makes easy to find people with your same interests, providing sure and strong bridges which lead you to your selected audience without the need of being sodden by the troubled waters of infoxication this internet can happen to be.

You can easily open contact with someone or a group of people with the same interests than you by joining this clever system of hives. Or just create a new hive/group even to discuss a simple matter. Sharing a post in a hive, or a comment in a post, has the only limits you create. Or to call the attention to a particular user, you only need to mention him/her, and will get a notification.

  • The proximity of the Bebee Team

Something it astonished me right from the start was the immediate response you get from them. They really take care of the users. Directly and personally. Nothing like that happened at LI. I could fill pages about this issue, but I prefer just to say: See for yourself.

Would like not to forget to mention two more things:

-Above all, these lines are written with all my respect to Mr. Jeffrey Strickland, not harm or offence intended.

-I don’t have 12.000+ followers. At LI I have 360 contacts, at Bebee I have 207 followers. The original post of Mr Strickland, published on May the 17th had to date 42 likes, 15 comments, and 3 shares. Out of these 15 comments, the longer and more meaningful comments come from Bebee users like @Cyndi Wilkins Deb 🐝 Helfrich  @Charlotte Wittenkamp or Jim Murray

Once said that I am publishing this post on both networks at the same time. Time will tell which is the best when you are willing to share your thoughts and get a meaningful feedback of them.

Arvind Kumar Jul 8, 2019 · #9

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Javier 🐝 Cámara Rica Jun 21, 2017 · #8

I love this " LI is B2B and beBee is H2H - human to human. " thanks @Deb 🐝 Helfrich

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David Navarro López Jun 20, 2017 · #7

Well said, my Dear Deb. Camaraderie and trust cannot be counted with a logarithm.

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Deb Helfrich Jun 19, 2017 · #6

I concur with just about everything you've said, @David Navarro López. LI is B2B and beBee is H2H - human to human. Business is all about numbers, statistics, ROI.

Building a relationship with a human always presents a complex opportunity for an outcome so great, we cannot cross off tasks and track milestones on our way to establishing camaraderie and trust.

beBee is where I come to meet and converse with other humans, with an eye toward attracting professional opportunities. LI is where I go to broaden my professional network and occasionally meet another human heart and mind.

I look forward to contributing to the day when beBee reaches the tipping point where the membership reach is equivalent.

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David Navarro López Jun 16, 2017 · #5

#4 It seems to me that the only think that counts nowadays by LI is the numbers...and they have forgotten that we are not numbers, we are persons.
If it was a FB thing, then I wouldn't care. There, you have "friends" you did not see for 20 years, they find you and ask for friendship, and there you go. But is just for fun. LI was supposed, as you point out, a "professional thing". But is becoming worse than FB, as it is losing its purpose.

Bengt Hahlin Jun 15, 2017 · #4

Hi David,

I have kept my LinkedIn profile but do most of the interaction here on beBee. And I have come to the same conclusion as you. I have done the same experiment on both platforms (both buzz/updates and producer/articles). Same result –much more response/interaction on beBee.

And It is really sad what is happening with LinkedIn. It used to be one step forward and two step backwards. I.E LI had a feature/function that you really liked and was very useful and then some time later, you login and it has gone, or changed to something not very useful for you. And as always with no warning whatsoever or explanation why.
With the latest changes, it is more like one foot forward and five steps backwards.

The general problem seems to be that LinkedIn decision makers are for the most part, completely stone deaf to their customer’s complaints and ideas. How is that for a strategy of “building” the World's “Largest Professional Network”?

As for their future vision, judging what they have been actually doing, it is very hard to see what that “vision” is. They take away things, then change others, then partly change back just to take it away again etc. They are all over the place at the same time, zigzagging so you never know what is going to happen next. Not very reassuring.

What is also very strange is this accelerated “war” on the desktop, which this is just the latest example. In many cases, it seems like a race of dumbing down to the lowest common denominator. Very sad and very unprofessional
LinkedIn top management has to really wise up or this is going to end badly. It is no point for us the customers in putting in so much effort and time, when LinkedIn top management does not care about our needs and opinions.

So I think this bodes well for beBee. Keep the honey flowing.

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David Navarro López Jun 15, 2017 · #3

#1 You see? this is precisely what I meant to say in the buzz. 30 minutes later of posting, 9 relevants, shares and comments from the people you targeted. Bebee, a place to bee.

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