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Old values on a new world

Old values on a new worldMorality decadence nowadays is taking more and more protagonism in our day-to-day life.

We are shocked that our leaders at any level allow facts or take actions which are absolutely against any human values, like not giving shelter to people fleeing war, misery or natural disasters, or the obvious lack of interest of our children about the well being of others.

Hypocritically, we preach that values like altruism or kindness should be cultivated, whilst we do precisely the contrary.

We only claim about it when we suffer in first person the consequences of it.

This decadence happened to be in three clear stages.

  • First, we used to do the good thing without expecting anything in return.
  • Second, we started to do it only to get something in return which would be of a bigger value.
  • Now, we don’t do the “good thing for others” in no case, as we know for certain it doesn’t worth the trouble, and even worse, we are going to be abused or mocked due to it.

So there is a main issue, which before it was unquestionable, but now it makes parents give a second thought:

Are we growing our children with values for a world that no longer exists?

Is it wise to do such thing, whilst evil obviously is winning the game?

Everybody is questioning how to deliver a better planet to our children, but we should rather think on delivering better children to the planet. 
Clint Eastwood?

Conscience is a very mouldable human characteristic.

When we destroy basic concepts of our humanity, our conscience, and our subsequent acts are directly affected.

There are some remarkable points Fay Vietmeier was doing at her post

Our track record is terrible. Decade after decade, we’ve taught our next generation “it doesn’t matter what you believe as long as it works for you,” that all morality is relative, and that good and evil are merely subjective social constructs. Year after year we’ve preached that pastors and priests are stupid and that liberation theology is the only “good religion.” Day in and day out, we’ve fomented class resentment and racial animus and diminished excellence while extolling entitlement. Why are we surprised at the result?

In my view, some of us stubbornly paint with the best human values a wall that is rotten to the foundations.
David Navarro

In the summum of our own selfishness, we can see that at the end of the tunnel, the consequences of this behaviour is going to be terrifically disastrous for humankind, but at the same time, we use some kind of deafness to our own prescience, not willing to see what is obvious, as long as it doesn’t splatter in our faces.

Humans, crazy we are.

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Dedicated to Fay Vietmeier.

I meant buzz and not buss in my previous comment


#9 My great friend- first, beBee is becoming increasingly annoying. For the second time in a month my latest buss on "emerging myths" is missing from my profile. The editor malfunctions sometimes as well. Now, all buzzes of yesterday have only about ten views. @Javier 🐝 beBee I hope you or someone else @beBee would do something.
Well, we agree on the status of chaos. I give an example where the "controlled power" became uncontrollable as is the case with the Arab Spring. Somebody's interest may be in stirring a social volcano away from his own land. Or, it could start from within locally.

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David Navarro López Sep 8, 2019 · #10

#3 Dear Pascal, I see it exactly the same way, which is the only one to keep the faith. Finding good people nowadays is like those people who use a metal detector to find things on the beach. You find a lot of rubbish, sometimes you find a little coin. To find a real treasure, takes time, patience and hard work, but still, there are some.

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David Navarro López Sep 8, 2019 · #9

#2 Thank you for your comment, my dearest Friend. If you mean for a social volcano, global riots, revolution, etc, is not going to happen. The power elite is not going to allow it. They promote nations or tribes antagonism, so they get a "controlled" volcano, and get benefits from both sides of the conflict.
To me, the social volcano has already erupted, when I see people starving, fleeing, or even more deceiving, people who think they are in the "first" world, just trying to survive whilst being enslaved by the economical powers.

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Fay Vietmeier Sep 8, 2019 · #8

#7 @David Navarro López
I will read your buzz and respond there. Thank you for the book mention: I will add to my list of "books to read" (I think I'll run out life before completing that list ;~)
My son's name is "Noah" so ... I'll give it priority.
You too keep "producing honey" ... you have wisdom that is greatly appreciated by this "Bee" (me)
Wishing God's rich wisdom & blessings upon your family, your life and your work ;~)

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David Navarro López Sep 7, 2019 · #7

#6 Dear Fay, thank you for your comments. There is a book i liked a lot, Sapiens from Yuval Noah Harari, and inspired me to write this post some time ago https://www.bebee.com/producer/@david-navarro-lopez/is-the-humankind-progress-prisoner-of-its-own-selfishness
Hope you like it, and please don't stop producing honey. It is most appreciated.

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Fay Vietmeier Sep 7, 2019 · #6

@David Navarro López
I want to give honor where honor is due:
The “remarkable points” from my buzz:
were made by Dr Everett Piper in his book: Not a Day Care: The Devastating Consequences of Abandoning Truth
(This book is very insightful … lays out how we arrived where we have arrived … at the present state of our humanity – in my human opinion, this is not unique to America … in many ways the condition is worldwide)
Thank you for reference to “image credits” … the images too were spot on ;~)
I’m truly honored that you would dedicated this post to me ;~) @DavidNavarroLopez
I hope to pay forward such honor in the days ahead … because I am unceasingly inspired by the words of so many beBee contributors & often am being prompted to write a “mind-stirring” Buzz-post in response … some may be aware … others not : @AliAnani @PhilFriedman @PaulWalters @JimMurray @LadaPrkic @LyonBrave @ClairCardwell @PhilJohnson @GregRolfe @JohnRylance @HarveyLloyd @ FranciEugeniaHoffman @RenoyGeorge @KenBoddie @JerryFletcher @BillStankiewicz @Javier

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Fay Vietmeier Sep 7, 2019 · #5

@ DavidNavarroLópez
Great title for this post David and the quote from Clint Eastwood is spot on ;~)
… “not willing to see what is obvious” … this is chosen blindness … willful blindness (sadly UNSEEN because there is a veil over seeing & understanding-which the Bible talks about)
How very insightful is your laying out:
“This decadence happened to be in three clear stages”
I do believe that as “iron sharpens iron” … the Holy Spirit is working through words
(A couple weeks ago I started working on a post about this decline … it includes the generational changes in recent decades)
I am like a Bee flitting from one flower to another … have so many “buzzes” stirring in my brain that I have a hard time prioritizing … and then there’s work waiting to be done by this “army on one” … which I’m often totally neglecting to write ;~)… cause that’s what brings me JOY ;~)
(part 1)

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