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What it really counts is never at sight.

What it really counts is never at sight.

This buzz is inspired on @Ali Anani presentation http://es.slideshare.net/hudali15/snaky-assumptions-a-creative-approach

This was largely exposed by Greek philosophers, which denied taking as absolute truth anything you could see, or smell or touch.

The ultimate truth can only be seen with the eyes of the thought.

Out of this, the rest are assumptions, which can blind us from the reality.

The acceptance of what is obvious as the only truth might have its inception on mental laziness, or fear of appearing suspicious minded.

On this mindset, reluctance to try to see what is behind can be pushed up by too obvious facts or the total absence of them, in front of our physical eyes, which hallucinates the eye of the thought, the one which can see in truth.

Snaky assumptions are there in the dark, waiting to bite. You can’t eliminate them. They are inherent to the human being.

If one reads the oldest book of the humankind, it was a snake which asked the woman, the less experienced human in earth by that time, if it was true that God had prohibited the humans to eat of any tree.

-Oh no, she said, just from the sacred tree we cannot eat. 

We all know the rest of the story. 

First assumption, a snake can speak.

Second, she can hide from God’s eyes.

Third, God is hindering her from something good which she had the right to have.

Forth, the less experienced one can take major decisions unilaterally that may affect the entire group.

The eye of the thought would have seen that:

-a snake cannot speak, so if somebody is using subterfuges or sending “messengers”, an unclear and poisoned truth must be behind

-You cannot escape your decisions

-You cannot assume meanness coming from someone who has given you so much, thus a trajectory cannot be overridden by an isolated event.

Best of luck training your “eye of the thought”, in order to identify “sneaky assumptions” in your life that can kill you.

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@Katja Bader , I am sure you will like it

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#10 Dear @Mamen Delgado- with a "humbled smile" I say thank you my friend

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#15 thanks for sharing another article@David Navarro López.Nice of you..I'll check it and I am sure I will learn more... I am interested in ..

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@DILMA BALBI , only the people who are in the absolute certainty that they are always right all the time, might keep their beliefs not reviewed.
Sadly enough, I still never met none of those. These fact, together with my blindness to find absolute certainty about anything, makes me think that reviewing from time to time my perceptions-knowledge-beliefs-actions, evaluating them accordingly with the reactions they provoke on people that I love/admire, is the way not to keep in a wrong path. About perception, you might find interesting something I wrote some time ago. Hope you like it. http://www.slideshare.net/bicefablog/collaborative-perception-3-disturbing-facts-47454337

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#13 thanks for stopping by.. in fact, I wondered if beliefs must be reviwed time to times.. if we change all the time, beliefs may change either ...intersting stuff to pay attention to

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#11 You are completely right, @DILMA BALBI , as (reasonable) questioning tries to find (a) truth, whilst answers are always subjective, depending on your own beliefs. And yet, it is only out of the comfort zone where real success and growing might happen.

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#9 @Sara Jacobovici
One of the disrupting issues on this story in my opinion, Is that Eve should have made deaf ears to the snake, thinking in first place that she had no basis to doubt about God, and automatically discard any further conversation with the snake.
Daily we become contaminating perceptions which, if we allow them to affect us, can lead us to sneaky assumptions.
This is precisely the point to which I wanted to claim attention on the @Ali Anani buzz https://www.bebee.com/producer/@ali-anani/the-emerging-rethinking , the loop formed by perception-knowledge-beliefs-feelings-action-interaction-perception

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