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ReBUILD. Extreme Growth From Extreme Connection

reBUILD. Extreme Growth From Extreme Connection

Let me ask you a question? What is the biggest dream you have for your business? It is to reach the million dollar mark? How about the BILLION dollar mark?  

Every business strives for greater increase but what is the "secret sauce" that causes one business to succeed over the countless hundreds or thousands who didn't? Was it dumb luck, good timing, business brilliance or did they work harder than you and your business? If your like almost all executives and business owners out there...the idea of work even harder is just plain STUPID. I often find myself working well in excess of 60-80 hours a week dedicated to my business...so how much FREAKING harder can I possibly work? 

The answer is not in how hard you work or even for that matter how much you work...the answer resides in HOW you connect your work.  See we're all taught to work hard (at least most of us, anyways), and we're taught what to do, hell were even taught how to do what were taught to do.  Let me clarify...

I was taught get up early, work hard, set a routine, read books, etc etc etc. The same things you were probably taught that leads to success, and here's the thing I don't disagree at all! So then what is missing?  Connected Growth

So what is CONNECTED GROWTH? First, I am not talking about social media! Second, there are some laws that you have to be aware. 

Law #1:  Construction Follows Connection

You have to connect to the hearts of the people in your business. There is an innate desire in all humans to be connected to something greater than themselves. This desire is probably what drives you and honestly it's the same desire and drive in your people. The difference is this...almost all business owners fail to create a sense of dignity, identity and responsibility on behalf of their team members regarding the business.  You may have heard of the expression in business "People, Process, Products make a business successful" and as true as that statement, PEOPLE is, it is almost always misconstrued as "Hire Quality People". In this case it's not about who you hire or how your hire, but rater how you well the person hired connects.

You can achieve any goal you have by simply winning the heart of your team before you win their hands. 

Law #2: Motivation without opportunity equals frustration.  

As a leader of your company, it is your job to motivate people...aka...herding the sheep.  Well, that's what we have been taught anyways, right. Here's a simply question.

Who is better at motivating yourself to do something ultimately than yourself? 

Let that sink in for a second, so as a leader you can only motivate someone to 99%, that last 1% always comes down to the person motivating themselves. So as a leader, you probably find yourself in a constant state of casting vision to create motivation in your team. This is where we are going as a company...to the promised land. You have a meeting, cast vision, feel good, everyone is excited. Give it a day and that motivation has started to wear off. So you're right back a ground zero again having to have another meeting to create motivation....it's an endless cycle...or is it? 

Why wouldn't you learn to create self motivation among your team? 

When you create an opportunity of ownership in an objective and cast vision of how important that ownership piece is to the overall picture you position that person to strive for something greater. What you have done is created an opportunity in that person to self motivate around a company vision that won't succeed if it wasn't for their part. Every person and task in your company should feel that the company couldn't exist if they didn't connect. Of all the things a leader should fear, complacency ought to be head of the list. 

Law #3. Greater preparation leads to easier motivation which results in courageous persistence.  

So, how do you eat an elephant?  Most businesses try to eat the elephant in one large bite, others over time...one bite at a time. Well the first method will cause you to choke, the second causes you to get too full and lose sight of the elephant altogether because your ready to walk away from the table, as in giving up...just can't eat any more. 

How about this thought process for you...How fast can you eat an elephant if a bunch of mouths are at the table at the same time feasting on the elephant? All of a sudden, the elephant can be eaten in one sitting with everyone eating away. Now the goal becomes attainable! What you don't do is put a bunch of appetizers and other appealing food on the table as well.  Not when you an elephant to eat!  

So the question is this...how easy it for someone to plop a seat at your table? And more importantly is their silverware? And most importantly, can they start eating! 

Let me tell you a quick story about a guy who had a massive vision. He needed to fortify an entire city during war time with most of the city's defenses laying in ruin. He inspected the city for 3 days before approaching the city council. Now mind you that these walls around the city had been destroyed for centuries. 52 days later the entire city walls were rebuilt.  The take away from this story is that this leader who built the wall did it in record time by creating the easiest possibly connection of ownership. Simply rebuild the part of the wall in front of your house. He connected to the hearts of the people to aid in protecting what was theirs. Their home! The walls were rebuilt in record time by creating extreme connection.