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Opportunities And Challenges For International Students In UK

Opportunities And Challenges For International Students In UK

International students are a gift for any college out there. The presence of a wide variety of students allows colleges to enhance their cultural environments significantly and incorporate differing viewpoints to make learning a more well-rounded experience. From a local's perspective, the arrival of international students is an indicator of academic advancement and shows that the country is worth staying in. However, that absolutely doesn't mean that starting life in another country is a natural process. For many international students, the process of acclimatizing to another country, especially the United Kingdom, is a challenge in itself.

Compared to other countries of the world, the UK is a progressive, democratic country that is the best environment for students to settle in. You can get an idea of the challenges and opportunities offered here by taking a look at the topics below.


Wide variety of universities

The United Kingdom is home to several universities and colleges that are considered to be the leading centres for education internationally. Although this does mean that there will undoubtedly be some competition, as a candidate, you need to demonstrate your eligibility for the course you are applying to. You might've heard of famous names such as Oxford University, Cambridge University, Kings College, and so on. These institutions are places of groundbreaking research and other developments happening in a wide variety of fields and subjects. For any student, there really can be no better place than this.

Open environment

Local customs aside, the UK is among the most liberal places to be in, particularly as the environment here consists of individuals belonging to a multitude of backgrounds and walks of life. This makes the United Kingdom an ideal place for a student to be in as it allows students to adopt a more flexible worldview on the things surrounding them. At the same time, students gain a strong understanding of the world around them and develop values that make them compatible with both local and global settings. Unlike other places that are somewhat isolated in their environment, the UK has an environment that encourages growth and development of all students.  

Academic assistance

Due to its rich and historic academic culture, the UK has various sources of academic help that are indispensable to students. At the university level, the coursework can be a little too much to handle, especially when you factor in the burden of adjusting to life in another country. For this reason, it is possible to find online and offline resources that will enable you to get the help you are looking for. To keep in with the theme, online academic help consists of teaching sessions, academic counselling, proofreading, and assignment writing help as well.  

Local and global culture

The UK has people belonging to all backgrounds and different parts of the world. The interaction of all these different cultures in one pot makes it a vibrant cultural hub. Although traditional English culture is also a central highlight, the existence of residents from all parts of the world makes it a welcoming place for a young student, particularly those travelling alone for the first time. Unlike other places where setting up might take time and effort, the UK is used to receiving students internationally, and you will no difficulty getting set.

Travellers dream

For any student that loves to travel, the UK is an excellent place to pursue higher education as its central location opens up many exploration opportunities. Located towards the west of Europe, students can easily travel using the sea and air to countries like Germany, France, Italy and other famous tourism landmarks. Having the right documentation is a must though, and it is possible to simplify the travel process by mentioning that one is a student currently enrolled in a UK university. Europe is among the most scenic travel destinations, and is located in the UK has amazing benefits in making your travelling dreams come to life. 


Language barrier

For students that have an educational foundation with English as a medium of instruction, there will be no foreseeable problems in studying in the UK. However, students that had studied English as more of an elective might have problems understanding and adjusting to the educational environment here. As the main mode of instruction and communication here is English, students lacking fluency in this language will be at a disadvantage. Although these students may be able to pursue language courses to sharpen their written and spoken skills, that will almost always take some time, and paired with the burden of college courses, be a significant burden. 

Cultural difference

Since the UK has an open culture, students belonging from certain parts of the world might have difficulty adjusting and integrating into the environment here. Especially for students that haven’t travelled abroad, the sudden exposure to a new atmosphere and environment can bring about several negative emotions, and trigger sudden changes in mood, thinking and learning abilities. In this situation, the ideal solution is in the form of a supportive friend or partner that has acclimatized to living in the UK and asking them for assistance. Before travelling, it is recommended to spend as much time as possible researching the values and environment, and get in touch with a professional if these methods aren't effective.

Financial limitations

As the UK is an economically stable country, the cost of living and studying here can be quite expensive. For students having a strong financial foundation, this wouldn't really be a problem, but for ones that don't, it will be a significant obstacle in your path to higher education. Not all hope is lost as there are plenty of part-time jobs students can take up during their courses as well. As an international student, you are allowed to work up to 20 hours a week part-time in the UK. As for searching for a job, the best way is to be on the lookout on social media and ask around for openings as well. 


Depending on your cultural or academic background, you might find it difficult to adjust and integrate into life here in the UK. Although a good solution to this is to stick to your own communities, the reality is that one day you will have to step out. Albeit it will be difficult at first, we highly recommend joining a club or two and talk to people without hesitation. Through communication, you will be able to grasp the differences between your cultures and establish suitable conciliations to make your life easier. In our experience, people can integrate successfully in less than a year, but that is reliant on how quickly you adapt to life in another country.


It is perfectly understandable if you feel a little homesick during your stay. Being distant from your friends and family back home can take a toll on even the hardiest of individuals. In this situation, students might need support, and that can be obtained from friends or college counsellors. Many colleges in the UK offer help and support for international students by way of one-to-one counselling and conversations. Students must open up and trust their counsellors for the effort to be effective.


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