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How To Reduce Your Startup Expenses?

How To Reduce Your Startup Expenses?

Startups ideas promise to disrupt. However, you need to execute the idea to see what would happen. In the Startup ecosystem, the major problem is, how do you get started and run the business until it becomes profitable? Sure, if you have the money, you got rid of a serious problem. But what you would do when the money is on short-supply?

Here we present a few tips and suggestions you should be conscious of. And you might want to use them in your money saving efforts.

Use Free Software

Even if you are a team of one player, you need certain software to run your startup. For example, you need a business email or customer relationship management software (CRM). Many software vendors will have a free tier. Utilize the free tier until you have no other option than paying to get a premium subscription.

Likewise, instead of paying for Microsoft Office, you can use WPS office or LibreOffice.

These days, putting up a web face—a website—for your business has become essential. Your online presence makes sure that you are reachable.

You can also host your website for free. Google Cloud Platform and Amazon Web Services will give you free credits up to a year. Use them to host your site.

Use Lowest Cost Web Security

Moreover, when you have a website, you want it to perform on some level on the Google page ranking. For that, using an SSL certificate is essential. Plus, if you do not use an SSL certificate, Google Chrome browser will flag your website as ‘Not Secure.’ So, it is hard to build trust with your site visitors.

However, getting an SSL certificate does not have to be very hard. You can invest in Cheap RapidSSL Certificates because they are inexpensive. This type of Certificates are readily available from various SSL certificate vendors on the web.

Do Not Pay Upfront

In the world of software-as-a-service, vendors ask you to pay for an annual subscription if you want a good discount. But this is a ploy used by vendors to generate more revenue.

Month-by-month, your business changes rapidly. The software tools you thought useful yesterday might become useless a month later. You should be mindful.

Also, paying for annual subscriptions impacts negatively on your cash flow. It is better to stick with monthly subscriptions and payments when the future is uncertain.

Hire Freelancers

It might be tempting to hire full-time employees and to see your team grow bigger. However, it has some downsides. When you will hire a full-time employee, you need to take care of certain aspects: health insurances, office space, and on-time payroll regardless of the amount of work done.

Moreover, in the early stages of a business, often you don’t need full-time employees. For example, you would not need a full-time chartered accountant. A few hours of works per month from a charted account would suffice to make your business compliant with the tax laws.

So, Hire freelancers when you need and pay them when the work is delivered. For example, you would not need a full-time graphic designer to make your website, brand icons, or email newsletters. Hire freelancers and pay as you go.

Hiring freelancers is not only cost saving but highly efficient.

Don’t Take Commercial Office Space

Commercial office space costs a lot, and often, they require contracts and commitments. Try to run your business remotely. And your team members would feel happy to work from home. It also saves you from spending the time to commute to the office.

In some cases, however, you would need an office space to meet with clients or for some other needs per se. In that case, rent at coworking spaces. Coworking spaces are cheap; because a number of people share them. Also, coworking office spaces allow you to connect with other like-minded people.

And if you need any equipment, look for used stuff that are in good condition. Used goods are mostly fifty percent cheaper and will allow you to keep your cash balance for future needs.


Saving cost is not a hard task. You just have to think through for cheaper and better alternatives.

Now you know some necessary steps to reduce costs for your business, employ those tactics and see how your cash balance improves.