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AvianiX introduces the Hexa2.com Bee to beBee.com and to their bees and hives

Hexa2.com Bees is where we started interactively over 14 years ago.

AvianiX introduces the Hexa2.com Bee to beBee.com and to their bees and hives

Today we would like to work with beBee.com, bees and groups with our amazing cybemercial, branding and global interactive partners. All bees would have discounts in having their own DMR Digital Media Rooms. We could work with beBee.com on a bees rewards "honey" program.

Our interactive ads, VMail4All, and other technologies we developed and delivered back in 2004 were revolutionary to the broadcast / commercial / and presentation industries.

Today we have gone leaps and bounds, or buzzes and flights from where we were back then. Today we go "live" from 2 to millions "all in Real Time".

Hexa2.com Bees and technologies is partnering with NetStairs.com and other global companies into Digital Media Rooms, to take our bees and customers into what might only be a dream in the users mind. We bring dreams to reality, with interactive Real Time DREAMS.

Today we take you behind the scenes of interactive games with our technology that can have you be a contestant of a worldwide game show, all using your webcam or cell phone.

Our first ever in the world "live interactive" performing arts classes go live globally starting soon. Have your bees join us, and we will give back to your charities. Put in referring code VVEV when you get customers to join.


Looking forward to our Bees globally working together in our collaboration and communication technology. We can do virtual shopping, play games, go on vacation, and discover everything on earth, and interact where ever an internet signal is available. We can buzz and change the lives of millions, together with beBee.com and bees and hives around the world.

With PeruConnect.net we bring interactive musical concerts, smart cities, travel, shopping, banking, and global communication.

Email us on how you would like to work with us: David@AvianiX.com  / inquiry@NetStairs.com