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Newly Self Employed...

Newly Self Employed...

I am in limbo this morning was supposed to have a loan signing at 10am and the documents are not ready for me to get there on time. I was just advised the borrower is flexible for me to call him after I receive and print the documents. This is great I did have other things planned for today..

I am taking this moment to sit relax and listen to some of my favorite music so I can not let this ruin my day. I am showered and my hair is done. I just need the document and to get on the road..

Today I am feeling a bit of gratitude that I at least can communicate properly today and conduct myself in a business like manner. There have been in years past a little hiccup like this would ruin and melt down day taking any joy out of any piece of the day. I have come a long way. This job is also paying nice so that at least doesn't hurt.

When I ventured out to try making it in my own Notary Public, Loan Signing Business I was scared and reluctant and sometimes I still am hesitant. But, this job does come with benefits. I don't work full time. I don't answer to anyone regarding my schedule. I just need to build it up enough to make ends meet with the bills and I am all set. I have signed up with more than one agency that hires Notary Public's for Loan Signings. I think I have applied to six and gave my credentials. I am NNA Certified for loan signings and I have the required bond and E&O insurance. I have learned some hard lessons along the way that for the price Facebook business adds do not pay off for the high price Facebook charges for them and I had to cancel my payment contract and ad. I am trying to network myself and I have my own business cards. I am still hopeful I can make this work maybe I needed this moment of pause this morning to realize that and put some thoughts together on how to get this business together.

I am an active Notary Public here in Southern California. I have attached my business card. My fee schedule starts at $50 per signing depending on distance, how big the document is and if I have to print the document myself or if there are scan backs required. I do have a Samsung ProExpress M33