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I am very overwhelmed at the moment and just want to run away and sit by the beach or listen to the waves crash and I have been running around going to my pain management doctor, pharmacy and next to FedEx. But, I needed a moment to breathe. I am feeling overwhelmed and like I just don't have a moment to myself. I am trying to promote my business as a Certified Loan Signing Agent. But, I find my head not in the game. I have made mistakes on the last two signings which reduce my fee. I feel scrambled. I spend all my time promoting myself or signing up for new agencies to call me for signing opportunities and looking for a back up job just in case. I live in my office in my house and do not relax or take breaks because I am worried about money and how the bills are going to be paid.

I need help, a break or a mini escape before I mentally break down... I feel like I am lost...

Deb 🐝 Helfrich 2/11/2016 · #1

Here is some virtual beach therapy: http://www.andresamadorarts.com/

He is an artist that creates intricate designs - Playa Paintings - that of course disappear with the incoming tides.

I also swear by rain and ocean sounds. They now trigger relaxation responses in me.

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