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Saddened by all the hate..

Saddened by all the hate..

I thought after this election was over people would move on go back to trying to live in peace. What I have seen through this election continues. I will not feed into the anger and hatred going around. I will love my neighbor no matter who they voted for. I will show everyone I come into contact with kindness. It was how I was raised.

This was an ugly presidential race and the hatred and anger it has caused has not stopped at the election. This goes beyond political views. This is dividing our country. The anger and hatred on both sides and the rioting still going on. People still name calling and shaming other on social media and unfriendly towards one another and ending friendships at a time we as a nation need to come together and resolve conflict.

I will pray for this country. I will pray for the leaders. I will show peace and kindness to my fellow Americans. It isn't about who I supported or who won the election. We have become lost and angry. We have lost sight of what the nation of America stands for our ancestors all were from another land immigrants if you will. Why has this land got caught up in hate and anger? Why has this election gotten so out of control? It has made me want to hide from social media and talk of politics or my party of record. I am ashamed even though I voted and made a choice. This has been the worst election I have been a part of in my 49 years. 

I am dumbfounded by society as a whole for the responses I have seen and how we are treating fellow Americans. In a time we need love and kindness we are showing hate and anger. The American people made a choice good or bad. Some agreen with the electoral votes some say the system is flawed because popular vote painted a different story. I say it is not a perfect system the time to change would have been before the election and the laws or policy we follow to elect new leaders. Instead we are a nation in chaos divided. I am ashamed of the things I have witnessed. I remove myself from the anger and hate and choose to respect difference of opinion. I want peace and love to be my way as a Christian and to continue to pray for the nation.