A note from the Statue of Liberty

A note from the Statue of LibertyIf you want something to be remembered you should take a note and tear it. was it the right tear that identified that note? remember the note and you will have that something to be remembered. May all those that stressed themselves from death to defeat it and beyond that have sense been killed by our government R.I.P. Accept the ones that didn’t deserve it. I personally don’t know anyone killed considered terrorists and I may not ever. Please don’t tear this note. Subject should never be remembered or it will change and cover up your horrible past. If you tear this note you will be considered a terrorist in Artical-56 james-a911 charge-42% and I will act in revenge for my country to identify you as a threat and confirm your destination, double your location and cut the red ribbon to give you a master key wvaer out' country and born United States member. By this abduction you will be terrified by your own citizens and look to revenge a man you once were and will never be again. After dying you will have lived a full life as a United States citizen and we as a free country will swallow your soul and throw away your posessions to a field that was established and paid for because of your actions by the Unknown Soldier in the United States of America. Confirming your identity, you will disintegrate immediately because the trials in America are without doubt very religious. If you see your country correctly and Honor them, you will not be the victim of another country and you should witness the commotion if a terrorist is within your boundaries. While funded not all countries have agreed to build these structures so The United States of America is wondering if you will sell them some land! Please Unite! Larger countries will grid a larger area for the removal of this possession Article-1ASU. Terrorism is horrid and our people shouldn’t question their destinies. Or question the country to be overthrown causing others to act out or rebel because the people are more powerful. All the while fearing their families and family pets some communities are better off than others. Maybe we can relate. In the past decade, our culture has begun to be questioned for stability amongst young children and is now legalizing marijuana. Please contact Microsoft and its partners if you are willing to sell to us. STAY BEAUTIFUL YALL.

Sincerely, The Statue of Liberty