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Code 4

Code 4I'll Bee There

Although from his perspective there were alternatives he felt alone with few conservationists that he was able to confront.  A world that passed by quickly and only had visits from himself.  He knew the date of his death and invited the angel to save him from his life that he very much enjoyed although was left.  Upon his visits he learned that while he engaged in social media upon departure became a victim of torturous lies so had to be medicated with overdoses of substances that caused him tardive dyskinesia.  Knowing there are others he was set out through the wall to kill all evil and stay forever without seeing what life was like in an unreal state.  He knew that he was the only one that knew because of others choices that in his world he was forever alone with his possessions and projected as a greedy person to the unreal civilization he got to behind doors and pushed through a wall to a plane other than the one with existence.  It was a military indictment of a CODE4. This was Timothy, second Timothy 2:15 before its removal. And this is my account.

It was a letter not a number all these years I believed there was something wrong with civilization when really it was all just a revelation. Code 4 is when your not alone yet seem to be and have a loved one close that has recently passed away. He grew up in a small town on the beach and spent a lot of his life running from trees and the sun almost as if he could sense their evil. One day he was walking by a bush and when it caught on fire a man in a clear voice said its not us that left the garden its you and only you that knows your way back. When he got there, he asked how could this have been so simple but little did he know he wasn't even close to being there. Seeing something so beautiful that your heart is purified and you are cleansed of your sight.  You fell for that trick the man said well I have the answer to that too as he spoke under his breath to the his newly purified heart. "is this the book that will let the blind see I'm having a revelation about?" he asked and the man with the thunderous voice said what do you think? he cleared his throat and said I only think what you want me to think sir and the man instantly knew that it had came from his heart.  He had some guts to speak to the man in such a tone so the man let him continue his journey. Relax the man said you are doing well. He had no idea what was going on. His name was he and was suddenly awakened by the sound of the man walking in. Spill your guts about your dream and one day you might get true peace inside your head. He said this is another trick and the man disappeared. How blind am I he asked as he looked up and a fly landed on his nose. am I really awake or was that dream really real he response. THE END.