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Hang In There 2

Hang In There 2

When it comes to addiction I forgot to mention that it can be totally defeated by knowing 6 things 7 if at all opposed. The first thing to know is that it is not a physical need. Now I say this because in wanting or choosing to do that defeat it is tricks of the trade and blips of the mind if we are ever going to stop doing whatever addiction it might be and that is not how you stop something physical.

The second is really it and all you'll need to know in order to defeat addiction It's just the others help in the invigorating process of thought control. The second is that as a human body we have adapted to many alien things but one of them is we can actually make time as in like a profit of our wears and the problem is that we claim it as our own. When this is done the third thing to know comes into effect with it and is basically a weapon that can control thoughts by wanting any desires you haven't defeated yet. So don't claim it as your own or find a way to see things in this area where the language of it cant be used against you.

The third thing to know in defeating addiction is a weapon by that it makes us have an ailment and with that, a sudden psychological jolt then comes impulses to again start the addictive behavior. With the right tools AKA "the second" we can stop these intense wanting feelings from occurring.

The fourth thing to know is the Big plan from rational recovery. Make a plan to never drink or use drugs "now" again or use it with the addictive activity and see how that fares. This way you'll watch it be defeated.

The fifth is to know that when something feels over you it doesn't mean it has power over you it means that it is meant as a threat and its ok to let it slide because I guarantee if you call that bluff then you'll never need to let it slide again because it is meant to be fun and something exciting to get into. Watch out though because like many things you can think you got hurt and not trying to defeat that is the way to the new nail in your pine box. Schizophrenia. But by all means, this area of thinking is safe.

The sixth and final thing you'd need to know to defeat addiction is that this realm, or time zone, or spiritual sense, etc. is the same as your religion because they really do go hand in hand in how you interpret things. Youll find these last 2 in 1 Thessalonians from the King James Version of Holy Bible.

Do you know how a lot of times there is an infamous seventh member to a squad? Well, that comes in saying that it all comes down to you. What do you think the seventh should be? For me, it's getting over the emotional scars I received by failing although I knew I was the little engine that could and do this by using invisible band-aids.