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Hang In There

Hang In There

aGovernment has a money ploy to put it on our minds that they're on our side kinda like "Thug Life". The only problem - anger leads to authority problems and they get paid to initiate a response and use excessive force as abused in corrections. (as if it were wrong to get angry when its what the governments doing we should be angry at.)  Authority problems lead to drugs and addiction that are against the law in most countries and they still get paid for doing exactly that, smiling in our face, and twirling a noisemaker over their heads saying "I'm damaged goods I can do no harm" which would piss anyone off that is against them.  All the while expecting us to know they're trained like dogs to do it and know that they're just saying HUT HUT trying to hike the ball to us so we don't get angry at them or anything for that matter.  That would be over the law.  

Now the problem... If we think the government is on our side then what options there are in the addiction process is like this, either quit or keep doing the behavior but the third option; whether "them" or not is when we have to stand up for ourselves and fight the law, or play nice and continue our addiction only because they have provided that option by acting out and showing us falsely they're on our side.  Well, don't forget to make that decision when you cant because everything you say AND do will be used against you in the court of law.  Then they have the nerve even to notion that it is ok to stick with the unwanted behavior.  Which their official doormen do but their statues will not condone it.  Being what it is (a statue),  deploys a cover-up and a place to hide the ideology that someone might catch them in a lie so don't forget the points you got against them that made sense and move on because that is just what these conniving terrorists want.  Feel bitter about it, that is your authority.   

SO let me get this straight stemming from MONEY> they make us angry whether we choose to or not, so <ANGER> which is a sign of <AUTHORITY PROBLEMS> that leads to <ADDICTION> and gets them <MORE MONEY>. When what is forgotten in the constitution should be in practice and enforced by the authority of power like pictures of people other than ourselves. We have the right to check to see if our government is legit and all I know is that no doctor, lawyer, cop, or politician will let me check to see if they're hiding someone behind them and with that, we have the right to use force with advanced military equipment because your naiveness comes off as very racist to us. So all in all tearing down statues was our only option because they were wrong.

If you have ever gotten close to looking behind one of them you know as well as I that a judge suddenly dies and they all weep or mourn their own fruitcake and the mission fails. As far as the American government officials go, lets cut the crap and divide forces between those that do and do not understand this Anomaly of why the government of power is wrong in dealing with its people. Any man in the military, army, or law enforcement will tell you "I used to have an anger problem until they set me straight." Well, I plan to change that because you are not the only ones' that can look innocent while sitting back, making us mad; besides you took the wrong side in standing up against those that oppose the king by joining them.  Great job now they have power over you and the people but the army they have no such power over. It is a darker law that upholds and acknowledges the people's vote.  Did you know that in America, the state of Arizona has a fill in the blank population so your vote won't even matter when it comes to the presidential elections?  So it's just like Donald Trump said before his first election, something to the matter of, "even if I don't get the peoples' vote I'll still win the election. 

Always keep the army separate from the military though. Remember the commercials and posters that said: "you're in the army now?" Well, that's a message to us that we're in it to win it so stop with the don't join my gang game bullshit cus "that ain't Gangster."  And is against our kids.  It's used to "placate an individual to game" now.  Well, now we have tanks! From every root or route you do your skits we'll check and see if you played by the rules or not cus it could be you next to fall off the map as a downright sketchy person with nothing to be careful over then showing you care only about those that are still with you as your life drains while your popularity dwindles.  Like Yolandi Fisher said, "This is why I'm hot." through a tunnel on the net and almost but did not get popped by our cops.  Any way a hand can show a peace sign, Die Antwoord is sure to make us tremble.  So that is word straight from South Africa! So Game On!

Triage is easier and less dangerous than spies or Espionage.  Also, it's not as expensive and can replace the truth with a new number that is a total lie. Spying isn't trendy and its looked down upon in Germany. There isn't much to say for those that choose to betray except that the one up we now have over you is that we can actually tell you what we're doing and you cant tell us physically and there are 33 reasons why including that we drew first blood.  So with that, we've now sighted something your unable to do (hints the one up) and can use this Nominal but powerful force against you. There's only so much that is humanly possible!

Keeping the army separate was once known as The King Oedipus which is where a king is made to be overthrown and when that government overthrows, which they have done, the army mows through them and us keeping the reigns pointed at God. How can you say you haven't betrayed my country, you find that funny, my country? Well with the right squad of our governments which we can base off the flags we can defeat the forlsome. (mine country is THE "United States of Britain") and my squad is the United States Army with a flag making 13 stripes in yellow and gold as a pyramid, a blood moon where America's stars were, and 50 symbols that represent the religion of each state. Don't get feddy by knowing how to pick up chicks. Get Freddy! If you have already learned, don't sweat it, do like Q-Unique and take the Fubu and the Echo, We'll just keep the trucker hats. And check it, if it is "them" or "you" that has a plan of sorts to walk over people with religion or play out future realities by setting trends; let's get real, you have had it that way. Then and only then will we march. Just think everyone else unconsciously recognizes this so-called plan and subliminally has an indefinite sacrificial plan to strike back. This applies to everyone, with the program or not (down to 2). So out of my expression, let it be known by all that I'm telling you now (unlike they can do) that although some might have a plan we should not because only no plan with life on a whim can ever see my/our/his/her/its/the creation.

In Symbolism, our march expresses the outcome of war over drugs and addiction instead of the outcome of the physical war we're in or not in. When we don't march we continue to doubt the authenticity of our majors until otherwise, we fight to look and see who they're hiding behind them. Because "homie don't play that". I think its time to play that part out in the role of those that don't listen to their government's skin flute don't you? We are entirely too young to have you dissect what you deem as wicked and hear the blade play across living skin cells like WWII Veterens lived through. Especially when, our government (the people) has power over you. Besides, we have scrunchies in our ears now! You might be asking "but how do we have peace?" Want my advice, just scratch that thought, I say there is war. And saying that or its way of thinking will be with us in our new found land that covers the whole territory. However when it is said, it is only because of those who ask for their peace that has caused this war. The language to express it will never be defeated.  IN GOOD FORTUNE Dayne.