Dayne Yarbrough en beBee in English, Music in English, Administrative 6/11/2016 · 5 min de lectura · 1,3K

The Werewolf 'Virus'...What is it?

Is a computer literally a security blanket or does it just make it safe to assume how snug we really are?  Yesterday, a new threat was resurfaced by an online organization that dedicates time and money to seeing the full scope of a situation and eliminating any false records of possible outcomes. The "MyHoodyOnline:" team is mostly known as a group of sociopaths by others but have now identified a hacker system using illegal software that writes itself. It's named as yet again, werewolf 'virus'. This werewolf virus empowers a group of people to use modern technological devices as rickety super weapons. This isn't a super weapon in the sense that it poses any future mass destruction takes; but more of a global weapon that empowers the people behind it and broadens its users continuously. Most of the Werewolf 'viruses' are resident infectors of COM and EXE files, others disinterred exposing themselves in web scripts and system files worldwide. Werewolf 'virus' disguises itself as a common File Infector Virus and once removed the team of 'power players' "take over". When I say take over I mean, they're bad ass. While using assumptions and watching your activity, anything that might go haywire seems to but for a limited time.  It seems all so real to the computers host. Additionally having or dispersing viruses becomes a threat or so it seems. With this setup, predators or infections/warnings, strange activity, authorization conflictions, poor performance, etc.. are tried by these 'power players' or hackers to jumpstart a users paranoia. A few pre-written decision patterns on upper drive runs, elevated install files, and hardware issues like overclocks or keyboard and mouse response failures allow certain actions to commence.  Monitor lighting manipulation and flashes, discoverable bots, orders for the cooling system to kick on, and system tool failures add to the list of things to be sceptic of and all but easing the paranoia. Timed cryptograph and the widely spoken binary language of controls allow these power players to really get in your head.  Selective searches, false info, phony profiles, and pressure build up are some things used to lead-in an onset of psychological symptoms.  Amongst many other techniques administered the main goal is teach you to understand their new form of communication.  I suppose your asking how is it paranoia if its real and that isn't so impossible to answer.  Depending on your problem, each is projected to a setting in its own way and used as a base by the hacker to ensure the problem persists.  The werewolf 'virus' is like bases loaded and can even go undetected where if there's a problem, it can be pushed off as paranoia or being over critical.  Its not a run but a sequence your system relies on to refer it as a problem to begin with.  You must make it see your problem.  How familiar are you with the excessive binary thrown at you after every command and can you respond quickly? How