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The Werewolf 'Virus'...What is it?

Is a computer literally a security blanket or does it just make it safe to assume how snug we really are?  Yesterday, a new threat was resurfaced by an online organization that dedicates time and money to seeing the full scope of a situation and eliminating any false records of possible outcomes. The "MyHoodyOnline:" team is mostly known as a group of sociopaths by others but have now identified a hacker system using illegal software that writes itself. It's named as yet again, werewolf 'virus'. This werewolf virus empowers a group of people to use modern technological devices as rickety super weapons. This isn't a super weapon in the sense that it poses any future mass destruction takes; but more of a global weapon that empowers the people behind it and broadens its users continuously. Most of the Werewolf 'viruses' are resident infectors of COM and EXE files, others disinterred exposing themselves in web scripts and system files worldwide. Werewolf 'virus' disguises itself as a common File Infector Virus and once removed the team of 'power players' "take over". When I say take over I mean, they're bad ass. While using assumptions and watching your activity, anything that might go haywire seems to but for a limited time.  It seems all so real to the computers host. Additionally having or dispersing viruses becomes a threat or so it seems. With this setup, predators or infections/warnings, strange activity, authorization conflictions, poor performance, etc.. are tried by these 'power players' or hackers to jumpstart a users paranoia. A few pre-written decision patterns on upper drive runs, elevated install files, and hardware issues like overclocks or keyboard and mouse response failures allow certain actions to commence.  Monitor lighting manipulation and flashes, discoverable bots, orders for the cooling system to kick on, and system tool failures add to the list of things to be sceptic of and all but easing the paranoia. Timed cryptograph and the widely spoken binary language of controls allow these power players to really get in your head.  Selective searches, false info, phony profiles, and pressure build up are some things used to lead-in an onset of psychological symptoms.  Amongst many other techniques administered the main goal is teach you to understand their new form of communication.  I suppose your asking how is it paranoia if its real and that isn't so impossible to answer.  Depending on your problem, each is projected to a setting in its own way and used as a base by the hacker to ensure the problem persists.  The werewolf 'virus' is like bases loaded and can even go undetected where if there's a problem, it can be pushed off as paranoia or being over critical.  Its not a run but a sequence your system relies on to refer it as a problem to begin with.  You must make it see your problem.  How familiar are you with the excessive binary thrown at you after every command and can you respond quickly? How do you use your computer and can you use it aggressively?  Can you trust your instincts on what to do as valid or are you just paranoid?  If you accidently opened my documents instead of my computer can you quickly fix your human error or should the computer fix it for you by reacting to your delayed response and assuming your error correctly?  Each ongoing first-hand witness to the werewolf 'virus'  is divided into huge server groups. They are users with minds much alike and even have something in common, they're all attending these "therapy sessions" doctored by these power player hackers all across the world. Similar to mind control, werewolf 'virus' subtly narrates your comfort level with the familiar accompaniments. Moreover to surface these afflictions this hacking system is teaching you false information on the dangers or threats we face with technology or computers today and using paranoia for secret operations that will make these players more powerful.  Why be paranoid? Because of the machinery and alike accessories, only in grave circumstances is your computer deemed "unsafe." That's usually through oddly rare files that cannot be copied. Files like these are not located anywhere but its access point.  This is excluding the primary users' (or hackers) hard drive and is literally NOT fully accessible by your computer NO MATTER WHAT.  A file pertaining to the virus may assist in its removal or identify its access point to be temporarily avoided.  A virus file can also dent up the system directory a little in turn bog down your system allowing easy chances to connect to your network which although alarming isn't as bad as the bogged or bugged system directories.  These viruses are easily made and easy to remove but the damage is done.  (after its removal if your system is too buggy and you cant figure out why, use repair windows or a complete backup to get things back to the way they were before the mistake was made.)  Use tools like "selected sights" or use a sandbox, and research what computer files are on wiki  For someone to get this virus (that is most common by the way) is not surprising.  People experiment with computers and people are curious to what is possible on them.  Because this is just the way things are, if you recently removed one a little bit boggy computer is not the end of the world.  With your tender love and care it can be fixed without a stinking windows repair and besides you owe your computer for getting it that honky tonk virus. Performing these actions will avoid any unwanted changes to the access control for isolated settings in the future.  Boy what a virus can do with that (home base).  When I say tender love and care I don't mean 3rd party antivirus money schemes because what your operating system offers is what is correct.  A few mislabels never hurt the pockets of businesses offering knock off versions of your operating systems core controller stock pile!  Also only try a registry scan if there is serious unexplained response issues or runtime errors with your computer.  Use the startup controller in msconfig and remove your non won working or never used programs.  Otherwise, trust your instinct while surfing and navigating but if your unfamiliar with computer lingo backup your files on an external drive and unplug the usb cord that connects it to the computer before you try something questionable. 

With the wide spread werewolf 'virus' your computer will upload replacement folders to the primary user (hacker) changing its directory and slowly ensures the hackers success on taking hold.  With these like applications occurring, the capabilities of the "mothership"(virus) develops quicker and succeeds in convincing you that you don't actually have this virus.  Accessing your agenda and making it a faster outcome just to assist in your assurance.  "Wow my computer works great!" or "I'm better with computers than I thought."  If these are in anyway familiar to you, like a majority of the world...we were wrong.  A time after, depending on its progression on your system, these power player hackers will have full control and access to your computer with the werewolf 'virus'.  Whenever he/she wants to connect but not directly of course, literally wirelessly, they can!  Most likely these hackers are working on foundations to the virus total. Aiming for a high goal of succeeding in more massive operations using common computers as dummies and distractions.  If you have been personally attacked and got your information stolen but not from a corporation tell the proper authorities even if its over and you have moved on.  These commotion (personal attacks) are rare but commonly attempted by amateurs because you are not the real hackers target.  Another Safety issue can develop from intentional destruction of the hardware from the outlined apparatus which most likely makes it obsolete. When it comes to the few major moves hackers have made, the information and known data was collected on you if you were signed up somehow with the company that was attacked or linked in some way to them or their logo.  My analogy of this is the world was beating around the bush when the hackers inevitably won. A slim amount of File Infector Viruses have come from regular users like you or me. in addition Personally getting your network breached to class a and even class b is uncommon and getting a liable tag from browsing a funky site is even less likely.  So where do these viruses come from?  Answer is, besides the latest widespread super infection,  there is no viruses that have infected your computer unless you consider key loggers, Trojans  DDOS, and cd ejectors or its step sisters viruses.  These 4 compilations and files are just practice tools to a dead end chance at becoming an outlawed hacker too abused to give their victims justice.  But the hackers won so that is a useless positive statistic for us.

  Like others in the simplified class of (Multipartite Viruses)," information from machine to a user is controlled and safe again... or so we thought.  MyHoodyOnline gives this advice, "Only install things trusted by your operating system." This werewolf 'virus' is an insanely massive operation, they stated. So being others were eliminated and not quite as fitting, werewolf 'virus' has been a triumphant Direct Action Virus and for awhile to come, a royal pain in the ass.  Things usually take immediate effect post brother's removal and the process to paranoid insanity is activated. Ready or not, you can get this werewolf 'virus' or may already have it, affecting your computer experience.  Believing things regarding this matter do not rely on if you have detrimental effects of paranoia or granger now and have noticed them, or if you've never noticed any of this and have just begun to grasp the teaching. With the world searching the vast web named by its esteem and lost in self-deception, the system used to transmit information is far from under control and while advertisements of improved or better then the other security are at bay, rest assure your data is as safe as it always is and can only be accessed by allowing this werewolf 'virus' to trick you.  Your info can be duplicated if allowed to persist making transfers easy as pie and utterly untraceable.  Also your system can now be used for whatever harmless activities the 'power players' have scheduled.  Determining this threat as well-founded may not be easy for everyone so for all the right reasons is understandable. The following is a valid explanation, believe it or not, to help issue the severity of the werewolf 'virus' properly for it deserves the state of emergency.

Either in their moon phase, or while experiencing that of a tense moment needing an immediate reaction, an infected subject will transform and/or heal themselves to and from a werewolf.  Werewolves got infected from a bite involving any werewolf and while becoming werewolf they will be nearly maimed to death, hense the word mutilated. If the infected survives, its attributed to their strength alone.  Now the werewolf 'virus' takes full control. Lycanthropy is an extremely aggressive genetic mutation (or AGM) that can jump from one host to another with an -inner- exposure of genetic material to an area where it can spread. Although they're brutally vicious, most werewolves become heavily sedated by pain after their 3rd or 4th mutilation. Female werewolves cannot bear children because its transformation cycles dissect the process of becoming human. However, if a male werewolf impregnates a human, the beast baby has a 50% chance of becoming a fully developed werewolf and a much smaller chance of surviving any transformation. Once born a werewolf, the first conversion (mutilation) is carried out during the hosts puberty stages or soon thereafter and is in a time of intense strain and sudden anger. Transformation from what's now a beast to a rabid wolf-beast undergoes horrific stretching of bone and muscle while the skin moves in on itself. The body mass of the victim is severely stretched and what was once topical skin is now underneath displaced bones and blocks of newly produced or re-used tendons, ligaments, muscles, and cartilage. Meanwhile shooting out thick, felt like, black hair that covers the vast enigma this 'virus' created otherwise known as a werewolf. Despite lore the werewolf begins its hunt. A werewolfs first strike is most deadly because the werewolf comes to be merely harmless afterwards. This is due to them quickly moving on to their next victim(s) following the "slashicur" and the usual werewolf bite. When you're dealing with a rabid animal in distress that is up to 12ft tall and made to kill, you won't survive. Before outlasting a werewolf attack its crucial to know that you must avoid getting bit. You do not want to see how it lives once alternating back to what only looks to be human form. Most likely it will bite you and will even know it bit you. That's usually because it did, not because you lucked out and it just thought it bit you, when really, it didn't. Coupled with its savageness very quickly will a werewolf leave somebody dead or wounded. Its practically instantaneous the way they spring from point A to point B. So take our advice... attack them to kill at all costs! Make it your will. Don't let the circumstance develop past your fatal onslaught. Take immediate action too.  Each and every time one is encountered. Each of us had the same chances of being infected and as always, humans do not co-exist well. This is supposedly a changelings claw (see image). Some werewolf enthusiasts call it a hoax and that it is a squash but others seem to have the records and stand by their claim.  Others have encountered or killed werewolves and do not doubt its validity. Take this "claw" for example,  oh who am I kidding, it looks like a squash.  Don't implicate the size of the claw and its colossal appeal with that of a werewolf, just be aware that these things are very 'strange' looking. It's supernaturally powerful, especially in their extraneously long limbs and snout shaped jaws concealing massive fangs for teeth.  Werewolves will have an immensely protruding chest and from its arms and legs usually dangle sets of horrid over-sized claws. We can't fight them easily and can truly never accept them being their superiority in the race to win the top of the food chain with brute power.  Deducing low intimidation skills compared to much of our animal kingdom, we lose the battle and will be eaten alive. That's why werewolves must be destroyed forever wiping them from existence and moving on like it was just fog on a rainy window. The path is clear as day, something needs to be done. As you notice it too, please understand that the issue has been around for ages and shall remain in the heart of every warrior and hunter devoted to killing one. Succeeding is a very rare task.  Its common ritual that every hunter must dearly apologize for not killing one and "watch Twilight" (AKA the group sleeps under the stars).  The infamous hunters that have killed 1 get bragging rights which I'm sure the story is favored amongst their crowd. These brave men and women (few of them werewolf killers) have no problem aggravating their surrounded area with a method known as "force devising."  The very act of this dance-like skill looks very artistic but is otherwise indescribable.  Only the ones that have completed this are going to hunt and upon departure will always get first choice on everything "signifying" group hunts or materials involved in having them.  There is no group hunt without a werewolf killer present.  A werewolf killers gift.  Sharing their cherished moment in history.  A werewolf killers pride and soul quenched of all necessities.  This is a werewolf hunters destination.  Inner Harmony.  Without it, no werewolves have ever been killed.  Its a virus that should have been prevented if it weren't for them themselves blaming it on becoming out of control beasts with only the logic to kill and to check on survivors week by week and witness the first transformation to know if it survived.  We can see it is in need of attention to act immediately and deal with this 'virus'. Not only do we want war with them, there is war, and we will fight until we win!

So is a computer literally a security blanket to rely on? Or does it just make things safe to assume how protected we really are? God Bless the United States of America for its power in having the popularity among many of the great nations. We should all gladly commit to finish the job left simmering upon noticing it as the ongoing problem that it is.

"Once forgotten, like planned, their army will surely send hospitality into retrogression and what is not 100% wolfman will perish with the virus as half human will be no more."

The Werewolf 'Virus'...What is it?