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How to Catch More Buzz with beBee Live Video

How to Catch More Buzz with beBee Live Video

In case you haven’t noticed, live streaming is all the rage these days.

But not every social media site offers free live video, which is fast becoming part and parcel of the digital landscape. That's why it just makes good sense to diversify your social media experience by leveraging the Live Buzz mobile app on award-winning startup beBee Affinity Social Network.

  • Two-year old beBee currently has over 12 million users in 100 countries and was named a potential "unicorn" startup in Europe by TheNextWeb.

The Live Buzz feature on beBee allows you to stream your best moments, amplify your message and promote your personal brand with 100% organic reach. That means when you stream a beBee Live Buzz your entire network is automatically notified to supersize engagement -- which you won't find on every social platform. Moreover, you can post your Live Buzz in up to three hives (open groups) to reach hundreds of thousands of additional beBee users worldwide.

In fact, it's possible that one day soon we will all be using live video to communicate with one another, as the digital technology of today quickly becomes antiquated tomorrow.

Ultimately, live video might replace more traditional forms of communication such as email, texts and voice-only phone calls. If we've learned anything about new technology in the 21st century Information Age it's that disruptive innovation can't be stopped. Further, new technologies are being born at lightening speed.

Today's tech rule for consumers is simple: out with the old and in with the new. The only constant is change. But those who remain tethered to the status quo will find themselves living in yesteryear due to the growth of new high-tech tools in our fluid mobile, digital and virtual world. 

Those who fail to leverage the power of fast-growing social media startups, like beBee, will never know how much organic reach and additional engagement they're missing.

Emergence of Online Video

The rise of online video was revolutionized by the commercialization of the basic webcam in 1994.

Then, about a decade later, Skype (2003) and YouTube (2005) were launched with much fanfare. They served as springboards for the proliferation and popularity of online video at the dawn of a new millennium.

Fast forward to present day (more stats):

The advent of online video has recently reinvented itself once again with live streaming via mobile apps. This is evidenced by the increasing demand for, and broad use of, such popular mobile apps like Periscope, plus Facebook Live...and now beBee Live Buzz.

Here's a bold prediction: live video is not only the future of social media but, ultimately, of all digital communication.

This is due to new and emerging technologies which will cause all of our current stand alone tech to become increasingly interconnected via the Internet of Things (IoT) -- which is already integrating many digital devices. 

In addition to the IoT, the forthcoming high-tech communications convergence will be revolutionized by rapid advances in:

  • Artificial intelligence (AI)
  • Automation and machine learning
  • Quantum computing
  • Nanotechnology, and 
  • New versions of the cloud 

All of the above will have a radical impact on the way we communicate, including via mobile live video. But guess what? The future is now!

Final Thoughts

All social media users, especially those who love live video, can catch more buzz on emerging startups like beBee Affinity Social Network. However, it's important to recognize this doesn't mean abandoning social media mainstays like LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. 

Rather, expand your reach, amplify your message, and enhance your personal brand on new and promising platforms. This is not an either/or proposition. Moreover, LinkedIn, for example, is still rolling out native video for uploading 15 years after launching!

What's taking LinkedIn so long to jump on the video bandwagon, much less with live streaming? One would think that paid premium users on LinkedIn would at least have access to such mainstream live video technology in 2017, especially with live video being the leading social media trend.

Don’t put all of your social media eggs into only a few age-old baskets.

In essence, the proliferation of live video raises a basic question:

Why would anyone fail to leverage a free live streaming mobile app in the 21st century Digital Age?

The short answer: there is no good answer!

That why it makes solid social media sense to enhance your personal brand, expand your engagement and reach new target audiences with live streaming on beBee.

Find out what all the buzz is about!


ABOUT ME: I'm an independent writer and strategic communications advisor with over 20 years of experience in the public and private sectors -- including work in the White House, Congress, federal agencies, and national news media. I'm also a Brand Ambassador for beBee Affinity Social Network. In addition to beBee, you can find me on Twitter, Medium, LinkedIn.

* Note: All views and opinions are those of the author only.

David B. Grinberg 26/11/2017 · #52

Note: this blogging buzz was recently revised.
Also, if you're on LinkedIn, check out this insightful and timely discussion post by @Melonie Dodaro about what's taking LI so long to roll out a basic native video feature (which is already antiquated). It's interesting that 2-year old beBee offers a free live streaming mobile app, whereas 15-year old LinkedIn still shuns live streaming -- even for paid premium users! Go figure?

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Lisa Gallagher 16/9/2017 · #51

#50 Paul could probably make another name for himself. He's witty and one heck of a Chef! Thanks David, it's something I'd love to do because I LOVE cooking and rarely use recipes.

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David B. Grinberg 15/9/2017 · #50

#49 Thanks for the excellent points, Lisa. Also, I really like your idea for a new Live Buzz and think that @Paul "Pablo" Croubalian and others might also want to wow us with a similar Live Buzz featuring their culinary creations -- or to promote a buzzing blog about this cooking and/or food related posts.
Great thinking, as usual, Lisa! Many thanks.

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Lisa Gallagher 15/9/2017 · #49

There are so many uses for live videos. Marketing, getting out important messages that connect with others and then there are those that do it just for fun. I'd like to try a short live video in my kitchen while cooking. I've put some thought into it but need a good set up so it doesn't look cheezy. ;-)

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David B. Grinberg 28/8/2017 · #48

#47 Thank YOU, @Proma Nautiyal, for all of your exemplary engagement and blogging buzz. You've become quite a hit on beBee and one the leading Millennial bees in India. Of course, you can always cite anything I write here. No need to ask. I feel flattered that you would include me in your post. Also, if you have a mobile with ios or android you should download the "Live Buzz" app and consider doing a short intro "Live Buzz" about yourself and why you love beBee. This could be as short as 1-minute or less. Just food for thought to take your talents to the next level. Carpe diem and Vamos!!!!!

Proma 🐝 Nautiyal 28/8/2017 · #47

Thank you for sharing this buzz link with me @David B. Grinberg...would definitely like to write about the use of live videos and videos embedded in social and web content in a future buzz. May I refer to your buzz, right here, in my blog when I write on this subject. This is a great perspective that you have shared here and I would really like my friends and followers to read it, too.

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As a freedom protector, i have always liberty of speech and actions. Beware of those that create issues where no issues are...they benefit from the business of fear saying everything you do will be prosecuted in a court of law or object to security breaches. Of course their comments are never linked to a showcase demosntrating without any doubts their claims. If live buzz was to be prohibited by law, blame the first cavemen who depicted the first live buzz in Lascault's cave 40.000 yrs ago. OMG did you see that @David B. Grinberg?

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Numo Quest 2/8/2017 · #45

As an IT Security and Crisis consultant, I have always opposed to the hypes like these. There is no way and mean enough to warn those on the of the perils and danger of these kind of hypes. Security levels technically are at an all time level that it becomes easier and easier to get hold of all kind of personal and private data that is exploited by others. We will not mention all kind og effects like cyber stalking and the fact that criminals most easy can find out when people are in or out.

More and more live feed is under pressure since there also are legal issues at stake that need to be considered and mentioned. Since not everyone is in the circumstance to object when appearing on live feed on the internet, it is baring legal consequences I see nothing often in the manuals of those selling software and hardware. It is becoming a serious issue that peoples privacy is invaded even on the street where others deem it's fine to film an stream anything and anybody infringing of others rights. A very serious subject to mention as well. :O)

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