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How & Why to Spread Your Blogging Buzz on beBee

How & Why to Spread Your Blogging Buzz on beBee

Blogging is a powerful way to build and showcase your personal brand.

beBee Affinity Social Network has proven this concept through the popular publishing platform, Producer, launched during the spring of 2016. That's when beBee opened the blogging floodgates for millions of users in dozens of countries who were seeking a better alternative to more staid and button-down social sites like LinkedIn, for example.

In fact, since Producer went live there's been a mass exodus of unhappy bloggers from sites like LinkedIn to beBee. This includes me. I made beBee my social media blogging home base soon after Producer launched, even though 75% of my blog posts on LinkedIn had been featured on one or more Pulse channels from 2014 to 2016. But that was before LinkedIn made a number of controversial and counterproductive changes which negatively impacted once loyal bloggers.

While I'm not advising anyone to ditch LinkedIn (I haven't), it happens to be one good example of a large social platform which stifles ROI for bloggers -- either inadvertently or by design. I still can't figure out why LinkedIn chose this wrong-headed route for writers. It simply makes no sense for any social media platform to trample user engagement.

Yes, LinkedIn still has many benefits for professional purposes, but blogging is no longer one of them (at least based on my own experience). Therefore, if you're already on LinkedIn then combine it with beBee for a winning online presence.

Perhaps readers here have their own theories about why LinkedIn abruptly changed its algorithm and notifications process on the Pulse publishing platform, to the detriment of once loyal users/bloggers?

If so, please share your valuable feedback and theories in the comment section below.

Unlike LinkedIn and other mega publishing platforms, beBee Producer is a blogger's best friend because it helps maximize readership, engagement and ROI.

Sharing Your Honey

To be successful today, bloggers must expand and diversify their social reach to maximize engagement and receive robust ROI. And beBee Producer has proven to be the perfect launching pad for your blogging to skyrocket.

  • First, this means producing outstanding content.
  • Second, this means cross-channel pollinating (social marketing) on other platforms.

Just make sure to highlight the fact that your blog post first appeared on award-winning beBee Affinity Social Network, named by TheNextWeb as a potential "unicorn" startup.

Crediting beBee is important to attract new users who may be experiencing deep dissatisfaction with their current blogging efforts.

It's also important to recognize that today’s crowded social media space continues to expand exponentially with competing content. In fact, reaching readers on some of the older social media mainstays, like Linkedin and Facebook, can be akin to finding a proverbial needle in a haystack.

This aforementioned lack of readership and engagement is a frustrating experience for bloggers, which results in low user satisfaction and a bad overall user experience. It's also the reason why you need to make a proactive social marketing effort, not only to boost your own ROI but also to show others how beBee is beneficial for bloggers.

Blogging success on beBee should serve as a springboard to broadly showcase your writing online, attract more readers and buttress the beBee brand.

Three appealing reasons which make blogging on beBee unbeatable, as John White, MBA recently wrote here, are:

1) Organic Reach: "When you write a blog post on beBee, it reaches ALL of your followers' news feed. If someone follows you on beBee, your post appears in their feed. Period. End of story. Just like on Star Trek, beBee is the Final Frontier for organic reach on social media."

2) Notifications: "Now, on beBee when you take the time to write a post on Producer ALL of your followers receive a notification letting them know that you have posted, making it super easy to find your work. If you ever want to stop receiving notifications from someone you're following, you can easily mute their content."

3) Sharing on Social: beBee shares your blogging buzz on Twitter (multiple handles), Facebook, LinkedIn and Google+ to tens of thousands of additional followers.

BEEing Proactive

As a public relations professional, I liken blog distribution to issuing a press release.

To wit: savvy PR pros know that preparing and issuing a press release is simply the start of obtaining media coverage, not the end. That is, unless you work at the White House (as I once did) or for a popular global brand like Apple or Google where reporters come to you.

In the PR world, you can’t expect reporters to automatically cover your news with broad dissemination of a press release, especially through an informal distribution process which doesn't even address individual reporters by name. Rather, you have to follow up by contacting members of the media via personal emails, texts and phone as part of an effective media relations strategy.

The same principle holds true for spreading your beBee blogging buzz.

Unless you're a celebrity or business superstar with a loyal readership of millions then you have to find social platforms that help, rather than hinder, readership and engagement. Don’t put all of your blogging eggs into only one social media basket -- especially if the publishing platform happens to be a blogging basket case.

Moreover, if you’re searching for a job, remember that today's employers want to see more than just a digitized resume on LinkedIn or family photos on Facebook. They want to know an applicant's personal interests, passions and hobbies -- all of which can be showcased through blogging on beBee.

Thus, you should consider beBee as your one-stop-shopping site for social media, as it serves as a bridge between LinkedIn and Facebook. This is because beBee allows users to spotlight both their personal and professional interests. Moreover, putting your full self out there can result in obtaining more jobs and building stronger business relationships through shared passions and interests (affinity networking).

Final Thoughts

As the social media landscape continues to grow, try to diversify your blogging experience on a range of platforms, both old and new. Moreover, there's no better place to begin blogging than here on beBee.

Remember that newer and smaller social networks can have higher rates of engagement than older and larger platforms, not to mention different targeted demographics (which is significant for so-called "micro influencers" who narrowly focus on specific topics).

Smaller platforms and fast-growing startups, like beBee, can prove especially beneficial for bloggers who might not experience a high level of engagement on social media monoliths — again, some of which only promote self-designated "influencers" or advertising partners.

To boost your personal brand and build more buzz, consider posting your blogging content on more platforms. You can always repurpose your beBee blogging buzz to tailor it for other sites and formats, as needed. Just remember to remind readers that your blogging buzz first appeared on beBee.

In essence, by casting a wide net beBee bloggers can expand their reach, readership, ROI and also attract new users to taste the honey on www.beBee.com -- while simultaneously showcasing their successful personal brand.

The bottom line regarding real estate is often location, location, location. Similarly, when it comes to social media in general, and blogging in particular, it's all about engagement, engagement, engagement.

And user engagement is where beBee buzzes loudest. 


Note: A generic version of this blogging buzz is also featured on PR Daily.

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ABOUT THE AUTHOR: David is a strategic communications consultant and beBee brand ambassador based in the Washington, DC-area. His 25 years of work experience includes the White House, Congress, federal agencies and national news media. In addition to beBee, you can find David buzzing on LinkedIn, Twitter and Medium.    

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Bee's are making fun here with sweet honey & buzzing idea's,

Come and explore beBee, one of coolest social media's.


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Mohammed A. Jawad 2/11/2017 · #25

When you want to blog, then beBee befits the bill!

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Erroll -EL- Warner 29/10/2017 · #24

The problem on LinkedIn is, it's time for CEO Jeff Weiner to go. He hasn't brought anything new to LinkedIn since its purchase by Microsoft. People need to see their connections publication.

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@David B. Grinberg, an excellent piece on sharing honey. I am sharing with my followers.

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David B. Grinberg 28/10/2017 · #22

Special thanks for the excellent points made below: @Lisa 🐝 Gallagher @Paul "Pablo" Croubalian @Susan 🐝 Botello @Gert Scholtz @Claire L Cardwell @Robert Cormack -- most appreciated, as always! Also, for anyone cross posting on Medium who wouldn't mind an additional 50 "claps" on your articles, just follow me and I'll follow back at https://medium.com/@DBGrinberg

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Robert Cormack 28/10/2017 · #20

Nice piece, @David B. Grinberg. Let's just say there are broader horizons on beBee than LinkedIn (I think we've all said that.

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David B. Grinberg 28/10/2017 · #19

Many thanks to ALL for your enthusiastic engagement and kind words below, which are always appreciated. I was inspired by @John White, MBA to follow up on his brilliant buzz on why beBee is unbeatable for bloggers. Moreover, the success of this platform is due to each and every one of YOU! It's a team effort like worker bees building a hive and gathering honey. Go team, go -- and Vamos!!!! (as @Javier 🐝 beBee would say).
The buzz continues to grow louder worldwide thanks to YOU and every bee in our hive. Keep buzzing!

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