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User Engagement & Satisfaction: beBee Beats LinkedIn in Landslide

User Engagement & Satisfaction: beBee Beats LinkedIn in Landslide

In case you haven't noticed, beBee is buzzing.

As many beBee users already know, the startup affinity social network beats LinkedIn in a landslide regarding user engagement and satisfaction. These are two critically important social media metrics. This is really amazing considering how LinkedIn boasts of having over 400 million users.

But if most of those users are inactive, then what's the point of LinkedIn bragging about them? That's like boasting about a big pond filled mostly by dead fish. LinkedIn might be trying is to fool the masses with questionable advertising to leverage and monetize its services. Whereas, on the other hand:

beBee proves that less can be more when it comes to user engagement. That is, fewer users with far more engagement on beBee compared to LinkedIn.
beBee co-founder, Global CEO and serial entrepreneur, Javier, says the following about the fast-growing affinity social network:

"beBee is the next big thing in professional social networking. Our mission is to create a professional world that is more open and connected."  - Javier

  • He adds: "beBee is disrupting professional social networking by establishing connections through passions and common interests that create more professional engagement and deeper and more successful business relationships."

Proof in Pudding

As that old saying goes, the proof is in the pudding.

To wit: I conducted my own unscientific research comparison which further buttresses this point about user engagement. The results showed that many of my blog posts received double to triple to quadruple the number of views on beBee versus LinkedIn --  even though they were the same or similar versions.

As most of us know, user engagement (or lack thereof) is closely correlated with user satisfaction and the overall user experience -- not to mention brand loyalty.

One might ask: how is it possible that 14-year old LinkedIn, which claims nearly half a billion users, can equate with far less user engagement than one-year old beBee with about 10 million users?  This appears to defy all logic and common sense.

The outcome of this comparison speaks volumes: beBee is better for bloggers in general, and overall  user engagement in particular.

Credit Where it's Due

Creating a new social platform that thrives on user engagement is no easy task in an ultra-competitive social media environment.

Thus beBee co-founders, CEO Javier Cámara Rica and Executive President Juan Imaz, deserve many accolades for this outstanding achievement in such a short time period.

What's likewise astounding is how Javier appears to be everywhere at once, never missing a beat in directly engaging with users on beBee and potential users on other sites, like LinkedIn.

When was the last time YOU received any direct , personal communication from LinkedIn CEO Jeff Weiner or Facebook founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg?

Never...that's what I thought.

Of course, as I'm sure Javier and Juan would both acknowledge, a lot of credit goes to all the beBee employees and engineers behind the scenes. They are the unsung heroes helping to create a great user experience. Then there's Teresa Gezze, Communications Manager for beBee, who has likewise been an invaluable asset to those of us in America.

Linked Out

Has LinkedIn left you feeling linked out lately?
If so, this is likely due to LinkedIn causing so many users to become frustrated, if not aghast, at the business platform's alleged indifference to fostering user engagement and creating a satisfying user experience.
This trampling of user engagement and satisfaction also cost LinkedIn in terms of brand loyalty and brand image.
However, LinkedIn doesn't appear to care, at least as witnessed by its pompous attitude of intentionally ignoring user concerns. This is a core message which bears repeating, especially as beBee targets user growth in North America, the UK, Australia and elsewhere.

To paraphrase that popular saying from real estate: It's all about engagement, engagement, engagement. beBee has it, while LinkedIn has lost it.

The number of total users for which LinkedIn and other social platforms boast is nothing more than a mirage in many instances.

beBee's rate for Monthly Active Users (MAUs) is 45% -- compared to 23% for LinkedIn, based on industry data. Or, in other words, a whopping 77% of LinkedIn users are inactive and linked out. Moreover, users who are active on LinkedIn continue to voice major concerns about the lack of promised engagement for blogging and on groups, due to platform-wide restrictions.

Then there's the key metric of average daily time on the site by users. LinkedIn ranks toward the bottom of this variable with an average of 2-minutes compared to 50-minutes for Facebook, according to comScore.

This is analogous to a shiny brand new sports car, like a Ferrari. Sure, it looks great on the outside and everyone wants to drive one. However, without that potent engine under the hood it won't get you anywhere. Users on beBee are the engine under the hood helping to propel this site to success in a short time -- along with the beBee management and leadership team noted above (the "unsung heroes").

Thus, let's make sure to set the record straight and reiterate it:

  • beBee = unrestricted and active user engagement with a satisfying experience.
  • LinkedIn = Orwellian "Big Brother" intentionally restricting user engagement with a purported reckless indifference to the user experience.

This glaring disparity could not be more clear. What do YOU think?


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ABOUT THE AUTHOR: I'm an independent writer and strategic communications advisor with over 20 years of experience in the public and private sectors -- including work in the White House, Congress and national news media. I'm also a Brand Ambassador for beBee. In addition to beBee, you can find me buzzing around on Twitter, Medium and LinkedIn.

NOTE: All views and opinions are those of the author only and not official statements or endorsements of any public sector employer, private sector employer, organization or political entity.

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Great post david, i do also believe that when you are a profound good person you get rewarded by interactions with others, while at the contrary you are sinking deeper and deeper while being a negative mind thinker and one way opinion promoter, you end up alone, isolated wondering why you get so few interactions, success or worse, a tsunami of people opposing your behavior through their own liberty of opinion. Lesson in life...do not oppose everyone unless you are ready to have yournown game..over. But if you do, it means your game and time in branding and social interacting is already over.

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David B. Grinberg Feb 8, 2017 · #89

Please note this is an open platform with high user engagement and satisfaction. However, abusive behavior, trolling and harassment will never be tolerated. This is in accordance with standard policies and procedures of any legitimate social media site -- not withstanding how it might be misunderstood or incorrectly perceived by those who willingly choose to behave badly. beBee = successful personal branding and stronger business relationships through shared passions and interests 🐝🐝✌️️🌎

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John: first, thank you for your valuable feedback which is appreciated, kind sir. Since you are commenting on my post, I will respond to your reply accordingly.
Secondly, please note that I do not wish to become entangled in any dispute (real, perceived or otherwise) that you have with leadership/management of this platform. Thus, I respectfully hope you are able to resolve whatever issue/differences you are referring to below in a cordial, constructive, non-adversarial and mutually beneficial manner with the individual to whom you refer.
Third, whether you agree or disagree, I nonetheless stand by my initial statement because, technically at least, what you allege can still be defined as "direct interaction, feedback or engagement" from a social media CEO -- regardless of the specific interaction involved or whether you concur with it (which I am neither confirming nor denying, as that is not my place). That's between you and the individual to whom you refer. Therefore, I respectfully suggest that you please address such personal issues offline or in your own blog post, as you see fit, rather than here. Thank you.
cc: @Javier 🐝 beBee @John White, MBA