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Hometown Boy - London

Well it’s the weekend so I thought I would share my hometown with you.

I spent the first 22 years of my life in London before moving to Asia in 1989. I don’t very often go back. Using Asia as a base to explore the World is kind of ideal, but once in a while it’s good to go back.

This time around it was a passport renewal, but I had plenty of time to stalk my old neighborhood.

The house of my childhood, my prep school, my first job, and my first date all in this one picture.

Riccardo’s used to be a Tapas bar and I got fired as a waiter there when a customer complained. He’d ordered a glass of fresh orange juice, which I served. “This is not fresh” he quipped, at which I responded “It is fresh sir! I opened the carton myself”.

Not much has changed in all these years compared to transformations we have witnessed in Singapore, Shanghai and other cities. This perhaps is the beauty of European cities. Houses can be hundreds of years old, Georgian, Edwardian etc whereas in Asia, houses have a life expectancy of 40-50 years.

What follows are just some random pictures of My London Town. Incidently, the title picture was taken through a window in Kensington Palace using no filters. The windows however, were orange tinted!

Bon Weekend!

Dean Owen is Co-Founder of Quimojo, a revolutionary new concept in Global Campus Recruitment.

Claire L Cardwell 16/11/2016 · #34

#33 @Dean Owen I left London 17 years ago, I was back there recently to visit family and friends. I miss the art galleries and being able to walk through the centre of town and take short cuts through the parks.... However I don't miss the dark winters!

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Dean Owen 16/11/2016 · #33

#32 I had no idea that you were a Londoner but it makes sense given your written accent....

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Claire L Cardwell 15/11/2016 · #32

Hi @Dean Owen thanks for the fabulous pictures of London, feeling slightly homesick now!

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Kevin Pashuk 4/11/2016 · #31

#29 This challenge is working out better than I could imagine. There's some real gold being dug up, and my down- under dirt doctor dad dude is certainly finding some great gold. Thanks @Ken Boddie, and thanks again @Dean Owen for this gem.

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debasish majumder 4/11/2016 · #30

lovely post. enjoyed read. thank you very much @Dean Owen for sharing such wonderful post.

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Ken Boddie 4/11/2016 · #29

Following on from @Kevin Pashuk's recent challenge to look at some of our favourite bees in Producer, and to re-ignite a favourite buzz or two for our newer bees, here again is @Dean Owen's "London Pride". This buzz brought back memories to many bees back in June.

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Pamela 🐝 Williams 8/6/2016 · #28

I've added it to my subject list!! I still own Dean one for his spirituality hive. In addition I came up with one for myself this morning; All the ways I Procrastinate and stay Extremely busy :-) or My Garden has never looked so good and I made myself sick doing it! #27

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Ken Boddie 8/6/2016 · #27

Hey, Pam, Dean's sown the spark, I'll suggest the title. Perhaps "From Corn Liquor to Coast: Memories of a Ridge Runner's Offspring"? Now you just need an old family photo, a few more well chosen words, and, hey presto, we're in business, a beBee best seller! 💰#25

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