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The Last Harem

The Last Harem

“Hey Dean, I’m just going to pop back to that shop and get us another pair”.

He was engrossed in conversation with the artful rug dealer. She’d had enough of carpets and wanted to explore more of the Medina. She tugged his arm.

“Baby, I’m gonna go get some more of these slippers. I’ll be back soon”.

“Sure babe, take Hassan with you so you don’t get lost”

“I’ll be fine. Don’t decide anything until I get back!” she quipped, and quick as light, disappeared out of the shop and into the streets.

Hassan, their “trusty” guide was relieved. He did not want to miss out on the juicy kickback from a sale of a rug.

The Last Harem

The Old Medina was buzzing. Tiny streets leading nowhere, everywhere. A fibrous network of souks made up of spice merchants, tanners, antique dealers, water fountains, and communal bakers. She’d been told to walk on the right side of the street and to watch out for mopeds. All these alleys look the same!

Starting to panic she though it might be better to turn back and retrace the route to the rug shop. Maybe walk on the left?