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The problem with LinkedIn from the eyes of Gen Y

The problem with LinkedIn from the eyes of Gen YHi, my name is Deann, and I am a proud member of Generation Y. I am also (or was also?) a proud member of LinkedIn, but recently, my feelings are changing. 

I am about to be twenty-six years old and I have had LinkedIn since 2008, give or take a year, and I have never experienced anything close to what I am seeing today. LinkedIn has gone from a great site to network and communicate with like-minded business contacts and transformed into a weird, blog-like Facebook hybrid.

Instead of going on a reading the latest and greatest in technology and business, I am bombarded with men hitting on me, people posting their political views, and half naked images of women are quite literally, everywhere. If I wanted to view things like this, I would be on Facebook, Instagram, or Tumblr. If I wanted to find a mate, I'd be on E-Harmony. If I wanted to look at a naked individual, there are MILLIONS of sites available to me with the click of a finer. So, why is this happening so often on LinkedIn?

The only answer I can seem to wrap my head around that makes even a little sense is that fact that the LinkedIn Admins, simply do not care. They cannot, and must not. To allow this type of behavior to occur on a site that is supposed to be geared toward business and development is unheard of. I get that at a certain point, you become too big and can't review everything, but shouldn't their be safe guards in place and individuals that monitor these accounts? Is that why they sold it to Microsoft? Did they finally realize they couldn't handle the amount of traffic and needed the big guys to come take over? Fine, great, but they aren't fixing this problem either. 

Generation Y is known for being the generation that asks WHY. So I am here, asking you, WHY? Why is this still happening? Why do I feel uncomfortable on a business related site? Why isn't anyone doing anything? Why aren't all of our complaints being heard? Why do I get anxious and nervous when a man messages me on LinkedIn? Why am I left searching elsewhere for answers? And finally, why am I here, on BeBee?

I am here on BeBee to try and find a better way. I want to be heard. I want to build relationships. I want to feel comfortable. I want to speak with like-minded individuals. I want MORE. 

Since BeBee is the first real LinkedIn competitor, I URGE you to give them a try. See what else is out there. If you feel the way I do or similar, please take the first step and let's get back to how things should be together. 

Thanks for listening!


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I knew Linkedin from the early days of it when it was a developing networking tool. Regretfully I also saw gradually the decent in time when commerce and hype set in. More and more the website has become a incoherent echo pit where content became shallower and shallower. As an IT professional I like to look at the constructiveness of things where I can put effort and energy in to get satisfaction out. Two years ago I decided to leave Linkedin and never regretted it a single moment. When other professionals ask me why I'm not on Linkedin, my answer is simple. If something hasn't any added value in my life, I don't put any time and energy in it. There is no discussion here since the people whom are important, you always encounter along your way. Story of my life. If a merchant on the market has to shout to get noticed, (s)he is in need of customers and attention. Next merchant has to over-shout the first one to get heard and noticed. And before you know it .... Linkedin. As you see, ancient universal principles still work today. :O)

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I think Linkiden top brass were focused on growth at all costs. I think top brass at Linkiden need to refocus on user experience and comfort versus mergers,influencers, etc.

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While I agree with your points about LinkedIn, @Deann M. Harrity, beeBee seems to cover a vast array of topics, certainly not limited to business and development. All LinkedIn was doing for the longest time was essentially catering to headhunters posting jobs and offering advice that was, for lack of a better word, silly. Frankly, I don't care what topics people write about here as long as they're interesting and well-written. I'm more bugged by stream-of-conscienceness masquerading as "considered intelligent thought." I think beeBee has better writers than LinkedIn, but I'd never want this site—or any other—limited to "business and development." The supposed pundits bore me to death (and they ain't experts).


Well l said. I wrote this a while back:

I wrote this almost a year ago to the day:

- What Goes Viral on LinkedIn - Enough with the Cheesecake

It blows my mind that people posting thoughtful and well-crafted content are ignored. Some of these women posting half naked photos and revealing LOTS of cleavage are being rewarded with job offers, write-ups in major publications, writing contracts with top business magazines, and keynote engagements with major companies like Google. I don't get it.

After decades of women fighting to be recognized as equals in the corporate world, a few bad apples have sent us on a downward spiral. I am glad that someone who is the same age as my son recognizes this. There is hope after all.