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A Deeply Felt Testimonial for Cyndi Wilkins

A Deeply Felt Testimonial for Cyndi Wilkins

I feel a ton of gratitude for the existence of Cyndi wilkins. She gave me a priceless gift in accepting me into her family, at a time when I needed a safe harbor.

And what I have experienced to be true is that her skills and talents for therapeutic massage all come with a dose of love and caring that profoundly affect the bodymind of everyone she touches.

This testimonial is a few weeks behind schedule. But here is the thing. I can still embody the experience of getting a massage from Cyndi. Not many experiences stick with us as clearly today as they did 30+ days ago. This quality of these lasting effects is exactly why Cyndi is a master at her craft.

Life hurt this winter. I needed movement – lots of it. But mostly, I needed to heal some issues from childhood that had limited me, unnoticed, for decades of my life. However, in my case, this was not an entirely inside job, once the patterns and the results and consequences in my life became clear.

It started with a buddy system. A series of open, honest conversations with someone seeking to listen until all was said, no matter how blunt.

Over months of talking via comments, webcams, and finally in person, we developed a lasting friendship that will endure.

But the denouement of my journey to Marblehead was getting a chance to experience the work she does.

Her heart and soul come pouring out of her hands, forearms and elbows... all the tools of her body that she employs for healing effect. She is tremendously skilled - knowing just how to manipulate the body, along with a sense of what may be energetically out of balance and need to be addressed.

It was a truly great experience to get to feel what my friend does for her living. One that will stick with me for a very long time, indeed. As skilled a muscular therapist as Cyndi undoubtedly is, the reason she is a master healer is that she is able to also adjust your heart in the process. Whatever may hurt, is undoubtedly causing just as much mental anguish as pure physical pain, and working with someone, like Cyndi who exudes trust and concern can diminish the thoughts of pain, as you surrender in the certainty that a capable healing facilitator is now on your side.

The simple act of caring for someone, their pain, listening to what they need to say, is not often part of the lives we live today.

When this capacity is bundled within someone with a talent for massage, therapeutic results skyrocket.

I urge everyone to consider surrendering to the powers of massage with Cyndi. You just may be joyously surprised at what else will unfurl in your life.

Click above to visit her site to learn more about Cyndi, the power of her writing, and how you can schedule a massage.


I am a Soulpreneur Strategist using my technical consulting background and heart-centered communications skills to help the independent healers of the world run their businesses, create their websites, and maintain a social media presence without taking away from the time they need to devote to their clients. Find out more or buy one of my books on my virtual home >

Arvind Kumar May 14, 2019 · #13

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Aaron 🐝 Skogen Jul 6, 2017 · #12

#11 Even then, following my motorcycle accident, I had a heck of time finding someone who didn't just want to "process" me though the system or pump me full of the next "pain" drug. Physical therapy took months (years really), I definitely could have used it @Cyndi wilkins! Deep tissue massage, I think, saved my hip!

Its funny you mention our "Sick" care system. I was listening to a program on MPR yesterday on my commute about maternal mortality. As the richest, and presumably most advanced country in the world, why are our mortality rates for women and during or just after childbirth are the highest in the developed world? It just boggles my mind. As a society, were relying too much on that technology, IMHO. Your spot on, the physician, therapist, or provider in general that takes the time, vs. the allotted interval, is damn near becoming a unicorn due to the "system".

I will certainly look you up when I get back to your neck of the woods.

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Cyndi wilkins Jul 6, 2017 · #11

#8 Oh dang! It sounds like I'm about a decade too late to have worked with you in person @Aaron 🐝 Skogen...but if you do ever journey back this way please do look me up...It would be an honor;-)

You know...I was just having the conversation with a client about how it is such a shame that the 'human connection' has disappeared from our current system of healthcare...True 'listening' being replaced by computer applications and a push to expedite services by cramming appointments into ineffective 10 to 15 minute increments.

You cannot make crucial eye contact with someone while staring at a computer screen...A very simple expression of care and concern eliminated by technology...Don't get me wrong...technological advances in healthcare have been a game changer in treating illness...but they are sorely lacking when it comes to treating the 'person.'

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Savvy Raj Jul 6, 2017 · #10

So much heart in there that it touches the reader to sense the power of movement @Deb 🐝 Helfrich in the words as well as in the healing touch of @Cyndi wilkins 's empathy in action. I sense the depth of your words.

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Wayne Yoshida Jul 6, 2017 · #9

Great story and testimonial, @Deb 🐝 Helfrich -- and @Cyndi wilkins - very excellent to get confirmations from your clients.

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Aaron 🐝 Skogen Jul 6, 2017 · #8

A wonderful tribute to freindship and the power of touch (in both the physical and emotional senses). Wonderful @Deb 🐝 Helfrich! I know who to look up, if I'm ever on east coast @Cyndi wilkins. Franky, I wish I'd have known about your business when I lived not too far from Marblehead back in the early days of your practice!

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Praveen Raj Gullepalli Jul 6, 2017 · #7

A heartwarming Bee2Bee connect. Bravo!

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Cyndi wilkins Jul 6, 2017 · #6

Now that I have had an opportunity to gather myself let me first say that I know of absolutely NO ONE that would drive across an entire continent to come to the aid of someone they don't even know... other than @Deb 🐝 Helfrich that is;-)

This woman is exceptional human being that the world in is very short supply of. Selfishly, I wish I could have kept her here with us...but then her gifts would not have been sprinkled from state to state in her journey to and fro.

We were bold enough to face our own darkness and finally able to embrace the truth...painful as it is sometimes. That brought with it a level of awareness that with every difficulty is an opportunity for advancement...and in our sharing what we learned, we were able to heal our own wounds. Mind, body and soul...The buddy system is a great facilitator...and Deb was just as much my partner in healing as I was hers;-)

#1 #2 #3 #4 #5 ...Thank you all for your comments and acknowledgements...

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