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Be Mindful of the Pain You Chose

Be Mindful of the Pain You ChoseJohn White shared this last week - Sept 14th based on the date I saved it to my desktop. It is funny, I can't remember what was happening on that day that was the impetus for me to find this so poignant that I wanted it front and center. But I see the little thumbnail each time my desktop is cleared of windows....and I do have a rather complex system of windows and tabs management that allows me to ponder on some buzzes for most of the day.

To me this primarily means that pain - mental pain - is not a particularly useful criteria. Pain abides ~ to mangle the quote from The Big Lebowski.

But it is also a pat on the back to be willing to chose the pain that comes from being who I am and doing what I feel called to do. That pain is useful because I know the why.

Studies are starting to show that as a redhead, I feel pain way more acutely. It is probably why I was able to learn quite young that being myself was far easier than trying to be part of a crowd.

And perhaps why I seem to be rather good at unsticking others....

I'd love to hear your thoughts, observations, and questions! Big shout out to

Sara Jacobovici

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🐝 Fatima G. Williams 10/1/2017 · #11

@Deb 🐝 Helfrich I know we've exchanged comments so many times and yet I felt a spark of pain in my heart today. One is because I haven't spent much time reading all your buzzes and two is I was searching for my first comment on your buzzes and I go to this one.

I want to read every single buzz of every single beBee Ahhhh! I wish I use my time more effectively.

This relates to me at this moment "But it is also a pat on the back to be willing to chose the pain that comes from being who I am and doing what I feel called to do. That pain is useful because I know the why " Pain has always pushed me to go further as I know why we come to experience such pain.

Thank you @Deb 🐝 Helfrich for always being there for me & everyone and I want you to know that I will always be there for you. Hugs #beBeesforever

Deb Helfrich 23/9/2016 · #10

#9 #8 Really important point - physical pain is how our body talks to us. I know for a fact that my sensitivity to bodily pain is why I am so healthy. I feel it acutely, which makes me highly curious, which drives me to find a solution quickly.

But mental pain - that is a little complex. And I might be unique, but I cause myself pain that exists solely in my own thought processes. Because of lingering over the past - wanting to change something OR dwelling in the future - trying to predict what may happen so I can struggle today to avoid potential future pain.

This quote speaks to me as a way to evaluate whether the mental pain is part of growing or part of spinning my own wheels way past the point when the oil has broken down

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Graham🐝 Edwards 23/9/2016 · #9

@Deb Helfrich I think pain reminds us we are alive... and that's a beautiful thing. I will add this to my file of quotes for sure!

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Sara Jacobovici 23/9/2016 · #8

PS @Deb Helfrich. In the discussion of pain, from my perspective, I see pain as a communication, our body or psyche is letting us know something is happening, alerting us, bringing our attention to something. It may not feel good, or we may not like it but, in many ways, thank goodness for it.

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Lisa Gallagher 23/9/2016 · #7

I missed this poster by @John White, MBA @Deb Helfrich. Im glad you reposted it with a buzz. Pain will either hold some people back or ignite them to break free from the pain in order to find peace and hopefully a life that is filled with more pleasures, love, prosperity and good health. Great poster John, great buzz Deb!

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John White, MBA 23/9/2016 · #6

@Deb Helfrich: This one is so relevant to my journey and reversing the path of my career and life. Thanks so much for resharing and adding your commentary.

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Sara Jacobovici 23/9/2016 · #5

First, as I try to gather my thoughts @Deb Helfrich, I will echo @Melissa Hefferman's "words", "...there's a message from the Heavens and a kindred Soul writing hello to my heart without even knowing it. So I'll say THANK YOU! Happy Thursday Deb!"

If (not if, once) I finish my synchronicity article, it will include this kind of "connection" or openness to receiving, seeing or hearing, a message or response to a thought, question or feeling. While you were writing about your experience with this quote from @John White, MBA, I was having the same experience with your post. That is why, when I read Melisa's comment, I knew I needed to echo her words.

So, it's the meaning and timing of words that is significant. We could be reading the same words at different times and pull from them a different meaning each time. I guess Einstein was right after all, time is relative.

As always, Deb, thank YOU for your contribution.

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Yep! I agree with this 100%. Good one Deb.

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